The answer to about 37 questions that came in this weekend

My mother always says if one person asks a question, 10,000 people wanted to know but didn’t ask.

Since Friday, no less than 37 people asked some version of the two questions below. At some point even I have to do the math and say “I should probably send these answers to everyone.”

So if my mother is right – and God help me for saying this, because she’s on this list – about 370,000 people want the answers to these questions.

(The joke’s on you, Mom! I don’t even have 370,000 people on my list. So there.)

Anyway! I’m sure that if you’re still reading, you want to know what the hell this is all about. So let’s get to it. Since the questions are about the “Let’s Fix Your Business” class that’s closing registration in a few days, let’s throw in a link here:

Click here to see what’s in the class lineup!

… and then get to the questions.

Question #1: “I’m [in another class / finishing something up / having a torrid affair] that will be done in a few weeks. Are you offering the class later?

Answer: We don’t have a set schedule for when or if this class is going to be offered again. We have a general calendar, but 90% of the time we change it because we decide to create a new class instead of running one we’ve done before. So I can’t say “Don’t worry, we’re doing it same time next year.”

But! There is very good news!

This is an 18-week course with live support via Q&A calls and email for those who can’t make the calls. If you’re “almost” ready to take it but need some more time, here’s what to do:

  1. Get in the course now.
  2. Email and say “I need a Q&A extension.” You don’t have to do the class in real-time to get support. If you need to say “I won’t be starting the class for 4 weeks / 2 months / whatever,” just tell us. The ninjas will make a note in or system and you’ll be all set. You’ll still get your 18 weeks, just let us know.

If that was your question and you’re all “Cool, I’m ready to register,” just click here and you’ll be all set.

Question #2: “I bought the IttyBiz Everything pack back in August and it had these classes in it. Does that mean I can get in with the Alumni rate of $99?”

Answer: Yes.

Just email the ninjas and say “Send me the alumni rate” or “Dude, hook me up,” or “ALMNMI” if you’re typing on your phone and use all caps and terrible spelling because you’re in a rush. The ninjas will catch on. It’s all good.

If you have any other questions and are NOT my mother, just email and ask away. They will cheerfully answer you or I will sack them on the spot.

(If you are my mother, then thank you for letting me know that Marks & Spencer now delivers to Canada. I totally never got back to you on that one.)

Everyone else, remember that registration closes in a couple of days. 18 weeks of “how to get more people buying from you” is about to begin.

Click here to see exactly what you’re going to learn.  (And then, you know, sign up. It’s good stuff.)


About the author: Naomi Dunford started IttyBiz in 2006. In her free time, she likes to… ha! Free time. You’re adorable. Learn more about her here and catch up with her on Twitter or Facebook.