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Ah, the about page. This is where I’m supposed to tell you that I graduated from Harvard Business School and worked at all the major ad agencies before making my millions in something or other that got named after me. “The IttyBiz Marketing Method,” or something clever like that.

Alas, that is not the case.

Who’s Who

  • I’m Naomi, and I started IttyBiz in 2006. I do a lot of consulting.
  • A charming fellow named Dave works here and helps write the training you can find in the store.
  • You’ll hear me mention Jamie, my husband, who many people believe does not exist, and my two sons, Michael and Jack.
  • The ninjas are our customer service front-liners. If you need to get in contact about products or services, just email ninjas@ittybiz.com.

(They became “the ninjas” slightly before being called a ninja was cool and long before it became passe. But, passe or not, they’re the ninjas and so it is. It’s kind of like naming your kid Jason in 1972. You did it before everyone else did it and now it looks like you’re a copycat, but what are you going to do, change it?)

Contacting IttyBiz

Due to consulting and service load, Dave and I are not able to personally respond to emails.

But! We have very nice ninjas who will take good care of you.  

Just shoot an email to the extremely cheerful ninjas and they will pick it up from there.  (Please be patient.  They receive more email than you might expect.)

What We Do

Here we help very, very little businesses become less little.

We offer a wide range of training courses at very reasonable prices.

We have a blog and a newsletter that stands a good chance of making your day.

We’re glad to have you.

Now go buy something.

(Just kidding. Get on the newsletter first, and THEN buy something.)