Technically, we’re a marketing training and development company based in Canada and the UK.

In practice, we’re just Naomi and Dave.

About Naomi Dunford (as written by Dave)

Naomi Dunford

Naomi is technically my boss, so you’re not exactly going to get the most accurate description of her here. But here goes.

She does a lot of consulting and a lot of writing. I am contractually obligated to tell you that she’s quite good at both of them.

She also drinks a lot of tea, most of which is not made by her (guess who makes it). She writes most of what you read here (in different colored markers, and then types it up later). If you see any typos, it’s because she brings her cats to the office and they walk on her keyboard.

Naomi reads Amish romance novels, and her favorite Star Wars character is C-3PO.

About Dave Navarro (as written by Naomi)

Dave Navarro

Dave was REALLY boring before he started working here. He worked for a handful of boring companies (IBM, Proctor and Gamble, and Lockheed Martin) doing boring but well-paid things.

(I refer to these prior workplaces as The Boring Computer Company, The Boring Soap Company, and The Boring Gun Company.)

Then he became a little cooler when he ran a little venture called The Launch Coach where he taught people about launching books and digital products.

THEN (and this is where it gets interesting)… he came HERE! And now he’s pretty awesome, actually.

Dave grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and his favorite Star Wars character is Han Solo.

And then there’s Jack


Jack is the actual reason most people come to IttyBiz. Sure, they take classes and stuff, but we’re pretty sure it’s only because they’re hoping Jack will show up.

When he’s not doing homeschooling stuff – or unschooling stuff, if you’re into it enough to know the difference – Jack likes casual gaming, armchair philosophy, and 60s music.

Jack is a triple Virgo with Gemini rising, and his favorite Star Wars character is Luke.