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  1. Sharing vs. selling (with 3 exploitative examples)
  2. Do all roads lead to Rome?
  3. Please don’t put this in your FAQ
  4. This one’s good – it’s called “The River”.
  5. When you don’t have a chance in hell
  6. A little heresy to start your Wednesday morning
  7. You don’t learn this stuff when it’s easy
  8. How to make the “right” decision
  9. In an ideal world …
  10. What to do when you sometimes suck at stuff
  11. Figuring out what you’re allowed to quit (plus, your permission slip)
  12. What to quit, part two. Also, my birthday.
  13. Advice! Choose a default
  14. (hint)
  15. Is THIS the plan? Seriously? (now with more fairies!)
  16. If it looks like a shark …
  17. Jack, age 6, on prioritizing your workday
  18. The worm and the mouse.
  19. I’m concerned about your cream.
  20. Because.
  21. Scaredness, etc.
  22. What kind of baby are you raising here?
  23. WHAT is wrong with your friends?!
  24. What the turtle never told you (shocking turtle secrets revealed!)