Last Day! Class starts tomorrow, registration closes tonight!

Today is the very last day to register for our 3-pack of classes that teach you how to get more people buying from you in 2014.

Class starts tomorrow at 2pm Eastern (though you totally don’t have to show up on the live calls. We will have very nice recordings and transcripts available for you).

For those new to the list, check out the link above to see what we’re going to teach you about:

  • How to get more people buying from your content
  • How to get more people buying from your website
  • How to get more people buying from your list

I’m sure you’re sensing a theme here.

We run a very simple ship here at IttyBiz. We just want people buying your stuff.

(We’re actually pretty shallow, really. If more people buy from you, then you’ll have all this extra money you can use to buy our other classes later. It’s a virtuous cycle.)

But! You’ve got to fix the things that are making them NOT buy first.

That’s what we’re going to start teaching you tomorrow.

Over 1,000 students enjoyed this class last year.

We know you’re going to love it, too.

All the details are here:

We hope to see you in class. :)

Naomi and Dave

Post scripts and other tidbits!

PS – If you took this class last year, don’t forget you can get the alumni rate if you’d like to take it again. Email and they will take care of you.

PPS – We’ve also included a few notes from students who took the class last year below, so you can see that the people who are digging this class aren’t all life coaches or information marketers. We’ve specifically designed these classes to pretty much cover any industry and anything you’re selling.

And when we say that, we mean it. Our clients include dominatrixes, party favor vendors, shamanic healers, personal trainers, photographers, software developers, artists, ministers and more.

Jesus. Dominatrixes and ministers in the same sentence. I’ll just stop now. Keep reading.

“Your class helped me get my website looking better. I’m seeing my website differently … it’s still a work in progress, but, seriously, I have never been so pleased with my work, my sales, and the number of sessions I’ve had in a season.

I bought some new classes from you today. I believe in what you and Dave do and I appreciate you so much. I wanted you to know that.”

- D.A., Photographer

“I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much value I’m receiving from your courses. They have completely enhanced the way I view my business, and what I am doing online.

I especially loved the Website discussion on Overwhelm. It was perfect for what I was experiencing. Thanks again for putting together such a great set of sessions.

I feel incredibly fortunate that I happen to be receiving Dave’s terrific coaching right along with the Let’s Fix Your Business Series.

Thanks for all you give!”

- Mary, Meditation Coach

“Have been incorporating lots of things that I’m getting from the Let’s Fix Your Website class and am super pleased – [my website is] so much better than before.

You lot are supremely excellent so thank you so much for your input and products and general wonderfulness. You keep coming up with such fantastic stuff.”

- Gee, Custom Jewelry Designer

“Hi! I’m following the “Let’s Fix Your Business” class and love it. Most importantly, I’ve executed on enough things that I can see results. Makes me want to pursue [more of your courses]!”

- L.C., Business Coach

“Just want to extend a thank you for the Let’s Fix Your Content course; it’s been a tremendous help.

Such solid chunks of good, good information on how to recognize your audience, how to say what you mean in your content, how to make your offering clear & give people something concrete to purchase was beyond helpful in getting my biz off its ill-defined bottom & on its feet for good.”

- Tari, Designer

“Each of your classes I’ve purchased (and the free ones too), are packed with so much relevant and useful information that I end up highlighting most of the copy. They are resources I come back to and reference regularly.

I even happily fill out the worksheets and I’m one of those that always skips that part, but you know that don’t you. And damn if you aren’t right about the value they provide, at least yours do.”

- Laura, Pet Care Planner

About the author: Naomi Dunford started IttyBiz in 2006. In her free time, she likes to… ha! Free time. You’re adorable. Learn more about her here and catch up with her on Twitter or Facebook.