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Naomi DunfordI’m Naomi. Welcome to our consulting and service page.

IttyBiz does marketing consulting and service a little differently from what you’ve probably seen in the wild, so some explanation wouldn’t hurt anyone.

If you’re like most ittybiz owners, you’ve probably never really thought of hiring a marketing consultant, and the whole thing has the tendency to feel pretty surreal.

The typical experience for the owner of a larger company hiring a marketing agency or consultant goes like this:

  • You go to their office and wait in their lobby surrounded by magazines that don’t appear to have any words. A 21-year-old in a very short skirt serves you a very small cup of coffee from a machine that cost more than your car.
  • Then a muscular young man named Brad escorts you to a minimalist conference room, hands you a 50-page document, and gives a PowerPoint presentation explaining something (although you’re not entirely sure what). “Branding strategy” and “awareness campaign” seem to come up a lot.

I’m guessing the above is not an accurate depiction of your life or business needs.

IttyBiz consulting is different.

We offer phone-based consulting services to very small businesses, many in the coaching, service and information publishing industries. In the last several years, we’ve helped countless ittybiz owners just like you achieve their business, financial and lifestyle goals.

(We also do copywriting and private teaching to groups and masterminds, too.)

We don’t sell cookie-cutter packages or systems. We talk to you – about your unique needs and problems and headaches and dilemmas and hopes and dreams – and we answer the questions that you need to get answered.

This little booklet explains exactly what you need to know to choose the type of consulting or service that’s right for what you need today, as well as understand the entire consulting process and how it works.

Read it all the way to the end (we’ve made it fun to keep you interested), and you’ll know all you need to know.

Our current rates and contact link

Consulting or service time with Dave or myself is $225/hr (USD), with discounts available for larger blocks of reserved consulting time.  For more information, contact us here.