We build businesses. Even little ones.

We build businesses.
Even little ones.

Consulting With Naomi and Dave

Looking to consult with Naomi or Dave at IttyBiz?

If you know you’re ready to work with us, you can reserve your hours below.

If you’re still figuring out if consulting is right for you, contact the ninjas at ninjas@ittybiz.com and they will arrange a quick call with Naomi or Dave to discuss your needs, wants, hopes and dreams.

(We have very nice ninjas.  They will treat you well.)

A few notes about consulting hours:

#1 – Consulting slots are available weekdays at 10am, 12pm and 2pm Eastern. Occasionally we can schedule sessions outside those hours, but we cannot guarantee availability.

#2 – You can use your hours any time over the next 18 months, so there’s no rush. Use them all at once, or drip them out over months and months – the choice is all yours.

#3 – These hours can also be applied to service requests, like copywriting, sales pages rewrites, web site/sales page reviews, or stats/Google Analytics analysis. There’s a lot we can do for you.

Your consulting options include:

  • 1 hour for $225
  • 2 hours for $450
  • 3 hours for $675
  • 4 hours for $900
  • 6 hours for $1350
  • 8 hours for $1800
  • or, the Baker’s Dozen. (13 for the price of 12) – $2,700

In the Baker’s Dozen, we work together for a longer (or more intensive) period of time, and the first hour is free. You can use your hours quickly – like if you’re just getting your ittybiz off the ground, or you’re running a launch – or you can use them to have support over the course of a longer period. (You have 18 months to use your hours.)

At the 4-hour and above level, we offer a 2-pay option as well so you can split up the payments. (Contact the ninjas at ninjas@ittybiz.com if you’d like to do this and they’ll get it organized for you.)

How Many Hours Would You Like?

When you register as a client, the magic of the internet will walk you through our intake process – you’ll get your intake questionnaire and a link to our schedule to get your first consult set up.

Questions, special circumstances and stuff

1. If you need to make special arrangements in order to take advantage of consulting, please email ninjas@ittybiz.com and tell us what you need. We’d be happy to do what we can to make this more accessible for you.

2. If you’d have any questions on services we can do for you (copy, Sales Page Rescues, website analysis, etc.,) just please email ninjas@ittybiz.com and we’ll talk you through your options.