Hello. We would like to double your sales. ☺

If that sounds like something you are interested in, then we invite you to continue reading this page.

We’re teaching a one-time workshop called Double Your Sales By Christmas, and we think you’re going to like it. It’s designed to work for your ittybiz, no matter what you sell, and no matter where you sell it.

Photographers? You can take this one!

Etsy sellers? You can take this one!

Authors? Acupuncturists? Astrologers? You can take this one!

If you’ve got a business and you’re in the mood to work hard at the right stuff to start getting some serious traction, this might be the best $29 you spend this year.


All The Important Details Are Right Here

  • The 90-minute workshop + Q&A will be on Tuesday at 2pm Eastern.
  • You do not have to attend live. There will be a recording for you, as well as a full written transcript.
  • You will receive a phenomenal workbook that walks you through the entire “how to double your sales” process.
  • It’s only $29.
  • Registration closes at midnight Pacific tonight.

With me so far? Great. We’ll keep going.


Here’s the premise of this workshop.

To double your sales, there are five core elements of your business that we’re working on, and we’re calling them your buying chain. They are:

1. Your traffic

Your traffic is how people are getting to you. If you have a website, the people who visit are considered your traffic, sure. But if you have a craft stall? You have traffic. If you have a coffee shop? You have traffic. If somewhere in the world, there is something for sale? There’s traffic.

2. Your leads, or lead generation

Your leads are the people you can get in touch with. Maybe that’s your ultra fancy mailing list software. Maybe it’s the stack of index cards on your kitchen table with names and phone numbers. No matter – your leads are your leads, and we’re going to work with what you’ve got.

3. Your offers

Your offers are what you have for sale – they’re your products and services. If you’re an author and you have three novels for sale on Amazon, those are your offers. If you’re an astrologer and you have two types of readings and a monthly teleseminar, those are your offers. If you’re a management consultant and you sell one signature B2B service, that’s your offer. Whatever your offer is, we’re going to work with it.

4. Your conversion

Your conversion is how your offers are selling. Sometimes you can measure your conversion in percentages – 1.8% of people reading the page bought the product. Sometimes you can measure our conversion in numbers – this month, you sold two wedding packages, or 14 books. Either way, the sales you’re making and how well it’s going – that’s conversion.

5. Upselling and cross-selling

Upselling and cross-selling is when the same people buy more stuff. They bought a bar of soap last month and you emailed them with an offer for the body wash? They bought massage and added a reiki treatment? They bought a sales page and now they’re getting a bundle of blog posts? That’s all upselling.


Not every ittybiz has each link of the chain in place, and that’s fine and normal. Almost all ittybiz owners have one or two areas of serious weakness, and many have hotspots that don’t even apply.

Do not worry. That is normal. We’re incorporating that.

So if you’re thinking, “Oh no! I sell ceramic cats at craft fairs, I don’t control my traffic!” or “All my sales come from Etsy and Amazon and I don’t have a list yet!” that’s okay. We’ve got you.

OK. So, 5 links in the chain. With me so far?

Well, in this workshop, we’re going to take a detective-with-a-magnifying-glass approach to getting ultra clear on where you are with each of the five links. If one or two are missing, that’s okay. We can work with that. We’re just going to get a clear picture of where you are.

We’re also going to look at your assets (there are always hidden ones), your liabilities, and your landscape over the next few months, and see what’s possible.

Then we’re going to walk you through some steps to see where we can get with what you have. We’re going to get granular on your options, and we’re going to look at each link in your chain and see where we can:

a.) Add – What can we put here that wasn’t there before?

b.) Modify – What can we change to make this work better?

c.) Boost – What can we do more of, or improve?

d.) Customize – What can we make more personal?

If you look at the five links in your chain, and the four ways we can improve them, there are up to 20 areas we can work on to get your sales coming in FAST.


Details! Details! Details!
(Or, what’s in the box)

So, you when you join us for “Double Your Sales Before Christmas”, here’s what you’re getting:

  • A pre-workshop prep package to help you measure the health of your buying chain before we get underway
  • The 90-minute workshop +Q&A (that you don’t even have to attend if you prefer to get the recording or read the written version)
  • The “Double Your Sales” workbook that walks you through the entire process.

Registration Closes Monday at Midnight –
So here’s how to get in the workshop

Registration for this one-time workshop closes Monday night, midnight Pacific time. So if you want in, go ahead and register now.

Here’s what happens when you do.

  • First, you pay your $29 and you register for the class.
  • You will then receive an email saying, “Yay! You’re in!” (Yes, that’s what it will actually say.) That email isn’t going to say much, but it will be confirmation that you have a seat in the workshop.
  • That email will also include your login to the workshop page, where you’ll get your Registration Package. That’s going to include your pre-class prep package and the call-in details.
  • On Tuesday, August 26 – which is the day of the live workshop – you’ll get your workbook with the rest of your exercises, worksheets, and homework assignments. (You do not have to attend live. The recording will be available that evening, and transcripts will be available.)

And then you’re good to go. You’ll know everything you need to double your sales before Christmas.

Let’s get this thing of yours working. Starting now.

100% Guarantee

Your Guarantee

We’ve worked hard to create a workshop that will work for you, no matter what business you’re running, or where you’re at in the process.

If you’re new and a little over your head (or a lot over your head)…

If you’re a veteran business owner and you’ve been in a rut for a little while (or a little more than a little while)…

If you’re in the middle and you’ve hit a plateau (or the plateau hit you… with a cement block… more than once)…

We believe this workshop will give you a custom, clarified direction of what to do to get sales moving.

We’re not going to tell you to start selling ebooks, or create a membership site, or start leveraging Pinterest. (We’re also not going to make you stop doing those things, either.) We want your business to work for you, and that means a growth strategy that works for you, and not one that some marketing company said works for everybody.

We believe that taking this workshop will make you at least 100x your money back.

If you get through this workshop and you don’t feel like it was money very well spent, we’ll give you that money back. It’s that simple.

Good? Good. Let’s get you registered.

100% Guarantee