Free goodies inside! (Part 2)

Who says we never gave you nothing?

Your second installment in the we-send-you-free-samples-in-the-hopes-you-will-buy-the-full-kit series is here for your downloading pleasure.  (You can get the first one here.)

For all those who registered yesterday, we heart you! Scroll down and have another look at what’s inside with today’s sample (it’s all about what your customers want to see you have on your website).

For those who are still thinking about The Failproof Bundle, chatting with partners about getting it, or working through the Guidebook from yesterday, we heart you too. Download this one as well and enjoy.

For those who just like downloading free stuff without ever buying anything, you know what? We heart you too. Everyone starts somewhere. Just start with this stuff. It will well and truly help you make more money this year.

Anyway, standard spiel applies:

  • Registration closes Tuesday, so come on in.
  • We have a 3-pay option for those who prefer installments.
  • If you’ve taken the class before, let the ninjas know and we’ll give you the special alumni rate.

Your second sample class session is here:

Let’s Fix Your Website (Week 1) – Your Crash Course In What Your Visitors Want

You can also listen to the session here (may not work on mobile devices):


… and if you’re new to IttyBiz, we’ll tell you a little bit about how the samples work now.

Today is the second batch of over 100 pages of free stuff for you.

We’re going to give you three full sessions of this class – one yesterday, one today, one tomorrow – so you can get a feel for what it will be like to be in the whole set of them.

So these samples are not partial samples – you’ll get a full week’s class audio, a full transcript, and a full workbook.

By Thursday you’ll have all three of them, and if you’d like the other 15 you can join us in the class.

(We totally hope you will do that, by the way. There are 18 weeks of live support from both Dave and I that will come in handy for you.)

Over 2,000 students have this training in their hands.

We hope you’ll join us. Take a look at what’s inside the class right now.



PS – Did you already take this class? If you’d like to take it again this go-round, then just email and ask for our special “take it again!” alumni rate. The ninjas will look up your receipt and then send you a link to get in this round for the class and the 18 weeks of live support for only $99.

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