Free Goodies Inside, Part 3! (plus a launch tip for you)

Today we’re switching things up a little bit and starting with a little customer story before we link you to your next free sample for the Let’s Fix Your Business classes.

(Today’s sample is about list growth. Make sure you download it.)

We’ll link you to the class itself first, because otherwise we’re wasting a perfectly good piece of real estate …

… and then comes the story.

Whenever we run a launch, we get a lot of questions about why we do certain things in certain ways.

Because we always caution people about the problems with reverse-engineering launches (mainly you don’t know WHY people do what they do), we like to answer people’s questions so they don’t go and do something dumb.

Today’s question comes from class member Stephanie, who asks:

“You’ve done the “free goodies, part __” subject line in your emails twice now – are you going to do it a third time? I would have thought the repetition would hurt your open rate. Does it?”

Well, yes and no.

As we’ve told our BIG LAUNCH students, launch is about maintaining sustained attention over a period of time. How you go about maintaining sustained attention is up to you.

If your offer is not that compelling, or people don’t know much about what you’re offering yet, then you have to do a lot of hoopla to keep sustained attention. Varied subject lines, catchy attention-grabbers, whatever you can do to keep the fire from going out.

But! If your offer is compelling enough, or “public knowledge” enough, then you don’t. The offer does it for you. You could say “Free $100 bills, day 19” and people would take you up on it, even if every message you sent out was the same. (Compelling.)

And “iPads still $100 off until Friday” doesn’t need a lot of sex appeal for people to get it. (Public knowledge.)

So the more compelling your offer is, the less creativity it takes in the subject line.

That’s not to say you phone it in, it means you don’t have to break your back coming up with something salacious each time just to get people to open.

So yes, Stephanie, we’re using the subject line a third time. We’re giving away over 100 pages of content for a class that’s $297 (instead of the typical $2,000+ that seems to be the industry standard for less information). You don’t have to do too terribly much to draw sustained attention to that.

We did add a little to today’s subject line, though. Just to shake things up a *little.*

So, there’s your launch tip for the day.

Now let’s talk training.

Today’s free sample is about listbuilding.

Download it, read it, and you’ll know how to make your list more attractive to customers so they will get on your damn list and buy from you already.

Let’s Fix Your List (Week 2) – Picking The Best List Approach For Your Ittybiz

You can also listen to the session here (may not work on mobile devices):


… and if you’re new to IttyBiz, we’ll tell you a little bit about how the samples work now.

Today is the third batch of over 100 pages of free stuff for you.

We’re giving you three full sessions of this class – one on Tuesday, one yesterday, one today – so you can get a feel for what it will be like to be in the whole set of them.

So these samples are not partial samples – you’ll get a full week’s class audio, a full transcript, and a full workbook.

Download today’s and you’ll have all three of them, and if you’d like the other 15 you can join us in the class.

(We totally hope you will do that, by the way. There are 18 weeks of live support from both Dave and I that will come in handy for you.)

Over 2,000 students have this training in their hands.

We hope you’ll join us. Take a look at what’s inside the class right now.


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