How To Live Your Life (by Preacher the kitten)

Preacher the kittenI have a kitten.

His name is Preacher.

(He has a sister, too. Her name is Jessie.)

(Actually, her name is Jezebel, for obvious reasons, but we didn’t want my son to know that, also for obvious reasons.)

Today, Preacher stuck his head in his dish a little too far and got a face full of water.


(By the way? Wet kitten face is fairly fantastic.)

In response to this traumatic event, Preacher did what any kitten would do.

He looked confused and surprised.

He looked around to see if anyone saw it happen.

And he tentatively put his head back down to get his drink.

If we could read his thoughts, they would be something like:

“Dude. Whoa. That sucked. Brutal. OK, moving on.”

(He’s a bit of a surfer cat. He watches The Big Lebowski a lot.)

If Preacher were human, this process would have gone very differently.

If Preacher were human, he still would have looked confused and surprised.

He still would have looked around to see if anyone saw it happen.

But if they had seen it happen, he would have made sure to give a lengthy excuse as to why it happened, explaining that the water level was unexpected, that the water level is never that high, that no reasonable person would put that much water in a bowl, and really, he wasn’t that thirsty anyway.

Then he would never go near his water dish again.

If Preacher were human, he would spend the rest of forever doing things the hard way and praying for a leaky pipe.

If Preacher were human, he would rearrange his entire life to exist without having to do the easy, obvious thing. He would miss countless opportunities, dehydrate himself, considerably shorten his life span and commit to never living up to his full potential as a cat.

This is a strong argument for why cats would be better at business than we are.

“I tried that once – it didn’t work.”

Every now and again, I get an email from somebody selling something, talking about how absolutely tragic it is when business owners fail.

Somebody selling something will tell me that they’re seeing all these business owners failing, and they’re seeing all these dreams dying, and ohmygosh, it plum breaks their heart.

(It’s okay, though, because I can join the ranks of the non-failing, non-dream-killing business owners if I buy a product through their affiliate link.)

I don’t know if my heart is broken by this.

I don’t know if my heart breaks when quitters quit.

Because if I were to suggest to our imaginary Preacher the (by now very thirsty) Human that he might want to consider drinking some more water from a bowl and he were to respond with, “I tried that once – it didn’t work”, I’m just not sure how much sympathy I’d have.

Today, I have a little job for you.

Think for a little while if there’s something you’ve tried and it hasn’t worked.

Maybe it didn’t work because you weren’t ready.

Maybe it didn’t work because you weren’t good at it yet.

Maybe it didn’t work because sometimes it takes time for stuff to work.

There are plenty of reasons why something might not work right away. It happens to everybody and their cat.

But today, I’d like you to consider if it might be worth trying again.

About the author: Naomi Dunford started IttyBiz in 2006. In her free time, she likes to… ha! Free time. You’re adorable. Learn more about her here and catch up with her on Twitter or Facebook.