Practice makes perfect

“You know the saying “practice makes perfect”?

I think it’s possible. I think it’s possible to practice so much that you’re perfect.

But I think it would be a lot more right to say that practice might make perfect but it probably just makes you a lot better than you are now.

Which is still good. It’s just not perfect.

Like, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice.

But you shouldn’t practice thinking you’re going to get perfect, because you’re probably not. And that would just be really disappointing.

(And if you’re disappointed, you’re probably going to suck or stop trying, which means all your practice would kind of make you WORSE than you are now.)

So you should probably just practice to get a lot better than you are now. Then you’ll be better AND you won’t be disappointed.”

This is probably good advice.

Have a great week.

P.S. When Jack was four, when we were still thinking of sending him to school, I had an interview at our local Montessori. The co-ordinator asked me what Jack’s interests were. I said “Thomas the Tank Engine and armchair philosophy.” She looked at me like I was being funny. I was not.

Cathy, if you’re reading this? I told you so.

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