There’s an old legend in marketing circles about the guy who wanted to sell more shampoo.

Now, the kind of media where personal care is advertised isn’t cheap to advertise in, and selling more shampoo was proving to be more difficult than initially anticipated.

Solution? The instructions on the back of the shampoo said, “Lather and rinse.” Now they say, “Lather, rinse and repeat.”

Bam. Theoretically, you just doubled your sales (for loyal customers, at least). Would you look at that?

(If you’re on Dave’s list, you’ll have heard this first part, because he actually knew a guy who did this years ago. Small world.)

Now, look at your own hair, for example.

You don”t need a new “solution” to your hair “problem” every week or two weeks or quarter. You just need to wash your hair.

And somewhere between one and seven days later, you wash your hair again. Keep doing that forever and you’re pretty much good on the hair situation.

It’s the same thing with your marketing.

Get a fundamental plan in place. (Some might call that a strategy.)

Get a system for working your plan. (Some might call that a set of tactics.)

Give it a while for results to kick in, and then keep doing it until it doesn’t work anymore and you have to make a new plan.

If you haven’t done the initial plan creation and the system creation and the time to kick in and the keep doing it until it doesn’t work anymore, going to a tangentially related seminar in Texas will not help you.





Marketing, like life and parenting and marriage, is less about innovation and more about maintenance.

Figure out what you plan to maintain.

Maintain it.


See how easy that was?


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