Today we follow-up on yesterday’s article about how to ACTUALLY double your profit.

Let’s start at the beginning. We’ll make up a random business with some unassuming numbers.

  • A mailing list of 1000 people, with 20 new subscribers coming in each month.
  • Low traffic, at 500 visitors a month.
  • A modest passive income stream of $100.


Let’s say that those numbers have been hovering for a while. Not going up, not going down. Just puttering along.

Imagine you had that kind of business.

You might be thinking “Damn, I wish I was making more money. Maybe I should do some joint venture or mastermind thingie.”

You might go to “Super Launch List Social Media Facebook Ads Formula” webinars.

You might see affiliate payouts for big crazy products. You might think, “Wow, if I started selling THOSE things to my list I could make a lot more money.”

You might think “Maybe I could MAKE a big crazy product and sell it myself! With affiliates!”

Those are all possibilities. Yay!

They’re also a lot of work. Boo!


Let’s assume you decide to go a different route. Let’s assume you try to do it an easier way.

Let’s say you started with the easy stuff.

These fixes would probably include things like:

  • Fine-tuning your content so that you’d see an increase in traffic each month.
  • Making tweaks to your website so that more people take action. (Join your list or, say, click on your store or sales pages. Perhaps even buy something!)
  • Improving the quality of your list content so more people stay on your list. (They might even share things!)

We’re not landing an F-15 here.

So, back to the example. Here are the numbers we’re working with.

List Size = 1000 subscribers
Monthly Traffic = 500 visitors
Monthly Passive Sales = $100

Let’s say you do some easy things. You target your content a little better. You tweak your site so people click on more stuff. You put some links in your emails every now and again.

What happens? Well, let’s say you’re lazy and not very good at this.

  • Let’s say you increase new list signups by a whopping TWO extra people each month.
  • Let’s say you increase monthly traffic by a whopping FIFTY extra visitors each month.
  • Let’s say you increase conversion by a whopping ONE extra sale a month.

This is not rocket science.

Now, let’s start the clock today.

But we’ll give you six full months to get your act together.

You can make some tweaks and then look at cat videos or something.

This is what you would see over three years:

(This starts on month 7, by the way, because you spent 6 months getting your act together.)

Double Double, indeed.

(Note the nice big numbers at the bottom.)

Would you look at that.

Now, here’s what has happened while you were focusing on the easy stuff:

You paid attention to your content so traffic grew by all of 50 visitors every month.

You fixed only the obvious problems with your website. You started offering people more opportunities to buy on a consistent basis.

You made it slightly easier and more interesting to get on your list.

(Most of your list growth actually came from the increase in traffic. If you actually tried to make your opt-in process GOOD, these numbers would triple. Remember… we’re assuming you’re lazy and have a penchant for cat videos.)

In this case, with a handful of accessible, easy changes:

We have more than doubled your list.

We have quadrupled your traffic.

And we have multiplied your passive income by 30x.


(I think that’s called “thirty-tupling”.)

And …

You did not need to “leverage Pinterest”. You didn’t joint venture with scary people. At no time did you shriek like a carney barker.

You did not need to double your hours and alienate your loved ones.

You just needed to try a little bit, and try at the right stuff.

See how easy that was?

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