The new year has just been rung in and all of your exciting resolutions still have that shiny patina and “new resolution smell” to them.

That tends to last, what, a week in most cases?

Given that unkept resolutions are so common that they’ve become a cliché, it would probably be of service to offer an alternative.

Around this time of year you’ll inevitably see a blog post or two from people talking about the Three Words they will use to guide them through the coming twelve months.

Things like “Focus.” “Balance.” ‘Boundaries.” Those kind of words.

I kind of like that idea, though I would personally just pick one word. Three major life changes are a bit much to juggle, even for the personal development-iest of the personal development fans.

But that’s just me.

Yesterday we had our New Year’s Eve Celebration Call for the people in the Your Next Six Months program, and it was very nice to see all the progress that people had made while in the course.

In that course, we had people focus on three “Areas of Devotion” – things like list building or getting paperwork organized or finishing up a new product or service offering.

The concept of Devotion worked very well for those who did it. Not in a small part because a big component of the course was writing out a step-by-step plan for what was going to be done in these three areas.

Not surprisingly, a lot got done – no resolution required.

This leads us to the tricky part about resolutions.

When people set resolutions – you, me, and that weird guy on the bus all included – we get EXCITED.

We say “Oh yeah, I’m going to take this SERIOUSLY from now on.”

We have a certain look on our faces when I do this. The cameras are rolling, after all.

We’re SERIOUS about it.

So we throw ourselves into activities that feel Very Serious Indeed.

A month ago, when I decided to get Very Serious Indeed about changing my diet to take care of a few health issues, I threw myself into it.

I read all the raw food blogs. And all the green smoothies blogs. And all the green thickies blogs. (Who knew there was such a thing?)

I immersed myself into the world of learning about what to eat, how to blend it, and what combinations of supplements and veggies and fruits and everything else would start turning things around.

But eventually, I had to step out of “immersion mode” and into the “now I need to do it mode.”

Eventually, I had to stop focusing on learning and start focusing on doing.

Unfortunately, this is where most of us trip up.

It’s staggeringly easy to stay in immersion mode for years.

You may have decided last year to Take Your Business Seriously, and you’ve been throwing yourself into immersion mode. You’re reading all the blogs. Devouring all the products. Learning like no one has learned before.

But eventually, you have to start spending about 95% of your time on the doing, and leave the other 5% for further learning.

That’s what makes the change.

Now, you can do what our lovely Your Next Six Months alumni have done. That will serve you very well.

Or, you could even take our new “Let’s Fix Your Business” classes, which was developed because we discovered that most people’s Areas of Devotion were focused on working on their website, list and content.

You can pick whatever you want.

Whatever is most important to you at this time.

(Obviously, we would prefer you join us for the classes. Registration closes on Thursday, and the classes are 50% off ‘till then.)

But whatever you do, don’t Decide To Take X Seriously and just go into immersion mode forever.

Immersion is good. Immersion is necessary.

But it is the first of TWO steps.

When you hear someone say “I’m going to take X seriously,” you kind of know it’s probably not going to happen.

When someone shows you a list of their next steps and then tells you which ones they’ve already started working on, you start getting suspicious that they ARE serious. They might actually do this thing.

In fiction, the mantra is “Show, don’t tell.”


Then plan.

Then get to the doing.

Preferably in as short an order as possible. Action begets action.

(Even little ones.)

I hope you’ll pick just one, two or three Areas of Devotion this year, and get to the doing as quickly as possible.

If you want some help and support with that, our three new classes would be a great place to start.

You can find all the details here:

We hope you’ll join us.

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