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Now! On to the question!

Today’s question comes from the handsome and affable Andrew Lightheart, and it’s about “outcomes.” Or, “How do I get people to pay me already?”

We picked Andrew’s question because:

  • a) it’s a very good question with a very good answer, and
  • b) Andrew emailed us to let us know that the changes he made to his website worked. And by “worked,” we mean he told us that he landed a $3,000 client who said “I called you because I liked what I saw on your website.”

(Does that mean we’re implying you’ll make $3,000? No. For all we know, you’ll go on a six-month bender the day after you register and end up in a halfway house. We imply and guarantee nothing. NOTHING.)

Anyway, on to the question. Seriously.

Andrew asks:

Question for Naomi and Dave:

I’ve done my outcomes homework from last week. I took the outcomes as far as I could go.

It seems like at a high level, what people really want is:

  • getting their life back (from this worrying presentation) so they can get on with a meaningful life and have willpower left for other difficult things
  • building credibility so better career/business prospects

But when I look at the three outcomes you mentioned you had for one of your classes they were: build your list, increase exposure, and get more customers calling you.

Those seem considerably lower level than mine.  Did I take the outcomes too far? What’s the right level?  At that level, my outcomes seem like they would be more like:

  • do an interesting talk that builds your credibility
  • stop worrying about the presentation, the Q&A, and your speaking skills
  • have a do-able plan that takes you to the day *after* the presentation.

I’ve attached a jpeg of my mindmap, and also the xmind file, in case you can open that.




Our answer to Andrew:

Hi Andrew –

Here’s the thing about outcomes: sometimes they’re a b****. Not all the time – ours are a little easier to articulate, but yours are a bit trickier (though not by much). Sometimes you have to filter the outcomes and get to the root of what matters most – rather than just what might matter in concept.

It’s my opinion (and only my opinion) that for people giving presentations, their main concerns – the ones they don’t say out loud – are that they are terrified they’re going to look stupid, the room will be dead to them at Q&A time, they’re afraid they’re not going to get what they want after the presentation is done, and they think on some level that they’re never going to get good at this.

Again, it’s just my opinion but I think what’s keeping them up at night isn’t getting their life back, but not screwing this up. Steve Jobs made it look so freaking easy. I think they’re less concerned with “stop worrying” and more “how do I get better at this so I don’t have to worry. I worry because I know I’ll suck. Or maybe I don’t suck, but I’m not as good as the people I see give presentations, and I know it.” They’re less concerned with feeling confident – they’d settle for looking confident if it would fool the audience!

These are the people who need handholding, as people who just need a bit of a skills improvement will probably get that from a book. You nailed a lot of this in your mindmap, so props to you. Everything in it was great. You did this exactly right, and that mindmap could be a source of content for you for a long time.

If I were the customer, I’d say that these would be the three outcomes I’d be looking for from coaching with you:

At Lightheart Presentations, I help professionals like you plan presentations that boost your credibility, increase your presentation skills and confidence so you look like a pro, and learn how to keep your audience engaged and asking questions so that your presentations get the results you want.

So we’re looking at:

  • boosting credibility (through a good plan for your presentation)
  • increasing skills and confidence (so you impress the hell out of them)
  • keeping audience engaged (so they think about what I want them to think about)

Your client won’t say it in public, but they want to look like a big deal and get the fruits of that tasty, tasty outcome. They have ambitions. But these are “shadow” objectives – they won’t necessarily say it. Like people who say they just want a good relationship when really they want to have sex and have someone adore them. So we take the shadow objectives and turn it into the words they would say to other people: “No, I just want to find a good boyfriend/girlfriend who I really connect with.” (Yeah.)

So I hope that helps. Your objectives were good, we’re just taking them a step further. People want peace of mind but it’s a lot harder to get them to pay money for that. It’s easier to highlight what will give them that peace of mind – looking like a pro and feeling like their presentation will amount to something.

Feel free to shoot over any other questions – and good luck getting your new gig off the ground.

All my best,

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