megaphone1Do you see what I did there? With the “some of which are important” thing? Don’t you hate it when somebody makes an “important” announcement, and you’re like, “I’m sure it’s technically possible that a human or two on earth might find that important, but I’m struggling to imagine what they might look like, and regardless, I am not among their undoubtedly few number”?

(No? Maybe that’s just me.)

Anyway, do you see how I deftly avoided that outcome by allowing YOU to determine which ones are important? Do you see what I did there?

Ahem. Let’s move on.

We have updates.

If you would like to watch me screw up Facebook

I have never pretended to understand Facebook. We have never been particularly close, Facebook and I. I have, in spite of myself, amassed some friends and fans over the years, but that has mostly been without my knowledge or full understanding.

Anyway, enough people I like have told me I should give it a chance, and I have decided to be a little less bloody-minded and give it a shot. I realize my steadfast refusal to take Facebook seriously is starting to resemble an old man complaining about young people’s music. My stubbornness is now boring even me.


If you would like to watch me fumble around like an idiot, make a complete fool of myself, and possibly give out free stuff later, you can do so here.

(I’m also on Twitter, which I’m not nearly so lousy at. That’s because most of my Twitter feed is Jack’s philosophical quotes, and it’s hard to screw those up.)

Experiments in writers’ block

I am experimenting with a theory on writers’ block management. Not, like, a theory theory, like relativity. More like a “One wonders if this would work and perhaps the only way for one to find out is to get over oneself and try it out like a big girl”.

I’m experimenting with the idea of, instead of finding a way to beat writers’ block, or cure writers’ block, or end writers’ block, trying to write even though I have writers’ block. (Blame Dave. He lent me his Kindle and I’ve been getting ideas.)

Anyway, I’m going to be experimenting. A possible outcome of that experimentation is a lot of blog posts coming out. (An alternative possible outcome is me embarrassing myself, although the two are by no means mutually exclusive.)

Basically, if I write a bunch over the next little bit, it’s just because I’m messing around, not because I’m launching something.

Oh, and Dave is hot and I have hair and there are kittens.

We have a new site. If you are reading this on that site, you will have established that by now. (Hi!) If you are not, Dave is hot and I have hair. (And Jack looks ridiculously cool, but that is not new information.) Also? Kittens. And other kittens.

As part of the new site, we’re bringing back some old posts. If there are specific old posts that you would like us to bring back as we are bringing back old posts, please email the ninjas ([email protected]) or fill out the contact form here and say so. You can say “I don’t remember the name but it had a pile of bunnies?” or “the pink RV one? I think it was pink, anyway…” and they will know what you mean.

So what’s next?

Tomorrow we will talk about writers’ block and cupcakes, and you can see me in a cowboy hat.

Until then, come check out the new site and see if anything’s broken.

Also? MONKEY! And a PUPPY!


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