The answer to “Help! What do I put in my newsletter?”

We get asked a lot of questions in our classes, and the last time we ran through the Let’s Fix Your Business course we had some great ones like this one that came in.

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Mary asks:

“I’m wondering how to weave my newsletter style into this strategy, into breaking down my content into different levels, new and more experienced.

Right now I start off my newsletter with a short message from that I try to work into whatever aspect of meditation I am sharing that week. Sometimes I share beginner content, sometimes I share content for more experienced meditators. I always share something about tea because my website is called sip and om. So the sip part is easy for the newsletter but the om part is what’s confusing me in regard to my newsletter.

I will continue sending out my newsletter every week.

I’ve thought of choosing a theme each month and then sharing something that goes with the theme. For example, if we are working on the 4th chakra, then each week I can pull in different parts of experiencing tips and techniques to support your 4th chakra. But beginners don’t really know what a chakra is.

I’d love your thoughts.

Thanks so much and I eagerly await each week’s lessons!”


Our answer to Mary:

Hi Mary -

In cases like this – where you cover X and Y (and maybe even Z and A and B and C) – it’s helpful to think of your different types of customers and the different “what’s most important to them” things and imagine them as little circles that cross over each other like a Venn Diagram.

Basically, in your newsletters, you can put your muscle into covering core things that are in the intersection of the Venn Diagram, the things that all your readers care about, and feel free to link back to little areas that are outside of the intersection.

For example, at IttyBiz we have a lot of different reader interests. We have coaches who are trying to make six figures and jewelry makers who just want to make $500 a month and bloggers who want to make $30K so they can quit their crappy day job. That’s a bit of a mish mash of interests.

So, we look at the Venn Diagram and see that all of these humans are seeking emotional support, knowing that they’re not alone, a desire to have hope rekindled, some level of validation that they’re not crazy for wanting to start a business, and some generalized marketing advice that can apply to all of the groups.

Thus, the newsletter is appropriate for everyone, and we do have the option to link to blog content that addresses the needs of the six-figure coach, the jewelry seller and the blogger here and there. But mostly the newsletter just keeps them feeling good and warm and ready for future promotions.

The difference with blog content is that people can see multiple articles and decide what they want to click on. So it’s a bit more of a buffet for them, and we keep targeted content there. A piece on X, a piece on Y and Z and A and B and C. But the newsletter isn’t a buffet, it’s a meal that’s delivered to their door, so we make it generally palatable.

So that’s the long answer. We’ll go into more detail in the list class, but in the meantime, we’d say try and write things that have a general appeal to the specific desires in the Venn crossover, and feel free to link out to Chakras and Tea here and there. That keeps everyone reading every newsletter over the long term. And totally pepper newsletters with subtle references to the X and Y and Z while you focus on crossover topics.

Hope that helps!

- Naomi and Dave

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