As previously hinted [insert devastatingly charming wink here], we have something new for your ittybiz today that I think might be just up your alley.

It’s a special clinic for rushes, turnaround situations, emergencies and near-emergencies called… wait for it!… The Emergency Turnaround Clinic. (In more corporate-sized businesses, a turnaround expert or consultant is someone you call in when a situation becomes dire and outside of normal Business As Usual. They show up, get you profitable, and leave.)

The clinic is for you if you’re in one (or, let’s face it, more than one) of the following situations:

  • You’re screwed.
  • You’re stagnant, and soon to be screwed.
  • You don’t just hate your day job, you HATE your day job. You need traction NOW.

When we realized how enormously popular our Turnaround Consulting Package was becoming, we wanted to make a version you could use at home.

Like its older cousin, the Emergency Turnaround Clinic is a bit pricey. Unlike its cousin, it’s priced with sliding scale tuition — and you get to slide the scale.

Maybe read that last bit again.

The Emergency Turnaround clinic supports you in gently but ruthlessly attacking the five core issues you face when trying to get traction in a hurry.

As usual, we’ll spend the next several days talking about the issues the clinic addresses to get you warmed up, taking some action, and (naturally) reminding you how much you like us and enjoy taking our training. [there’s that wink again]

Tomorrow, we’re going to talk about money and how to get a handle on things, IttyBiz style. (Warn your spouse. You might just get a peaceful night’s sleep tomorrow night. Who knew?)

Wednesday, we’re tackling a Confessional question, helping a very frightened ittybiz owner find out if she’ll ever be “awesome” enough, and figuring out how to move forward when feeling decidedly unawesome indeed.

Thursday, we’re delving into seeing what your prospect sees, and customizing a plan for your ittybiz to make what they see a whole lot nicer to look at. [like you. you’re nice to look at. wink wink.*]

Friday, we’re talking about how often (and how) you can communicate with your buyers and network in a way that maximizes revenue but minimizes looking (or feeling) like a sleaze.

And Monday we’re going to talk about how to stop feeling so goddamn scared all the time.

Emergency Turnaround Clinic registration is open now.

More details are on the Emergency Turnaround Clinic page, as well as an explanation of sliding scale pricing.

We want this training to be available to anybody who’s ready to learn, regardless of their available resources. If you’re ready, we’re here for you. And if you have any colleagues or friends who would benefit from this clinic, I would love it if you would pass this on to them with my gratitude.

I hope you love this clinic. I sure loved making it.

*[note to self: must stop winking so much. starting to get funny looks.]

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