Linking To Products: 3 Simple Ways To Do It In Your Blog or Newsletter

You know you should be linking to¬†products and services more. You’ve got that blog, sitting right there, collecting dust. You’ve got that newsletter, hanging out, waiting to make you some money. And yet you’re not really sure how to do it.

Guru A does it one way, Guru B does it the other way, and your friends give you conflicting advice.

“If you do it like this, nobody will even notice it!”

“If you do it like that, you’ll look desperate!”

“Stop linking so much – you look like a car salesman!”

“You have to link more – you’re too shy!”

How about we make it nice and easy for you?

There are three basic ways to link in text. Each one has different pros and corresponding cons. They each have their uses, and they’re all good in their own way.

Learn what they are and what they’re for, and you can go forth and hawk your wares with charm, grace, and elan.

Shall we?

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