Hi, I’m Naomi. I help you make confident marketing decisions, and then I help you implement them.

Want to read my official bio? Of course you do! (Don’t worry, it’s short. The more interesting version is below.)

The Official Bio

Naomi Dunford is a marketing and growth coach to hundreds of small online businesses. She works with a range of clients, from the newest of startups to NYT bestselling authors, internationally renowned coaches, and established personal brands. She has been coaching and teaching online marketing since 2006.

Past clients include Danielle Laporte, Chris Guillebeau, Clay Collins and Jen Louden.

She has been featured in major outlets such as Forbes, Cosmopolitan and USA Today, and her newsletter has attracted over 50,000 subscribers from across the globe.


The More Interesting Version

Hi, I’m Naomi – triple Pisces, occasional redhead, and coach to small business owners ready for significant growth in the next 12 months. When you’re ready to take a big step forward, I help you navigate how to do it and help you decide on the best path for you.

I believe that you already hold the keys to massive growth this year.

You arrived on the scene with talent, drive and skill – and the dream to build a business that fits your life, one that will make you truly satisfied.

I believe you can do that – once you know how to jump over a few little obstacles that get in your way. Normal, human things like self-doubt, second-guessing, resistance and procrastination on the inside – and information overload on the outside.

All these things can be turned around, and not just by “those other people” – by YOU, too. (Promise.)

And when you turn those obstacles around – one at a time – you will unlock the incredible business and life you were meant to have.

Better marketing is possible for YOU.

Wherever you’re starting out from, you can learn to market your business in a way that’s true to yourself (and your values) – and that gets real, measurable results you can take to the bank.

As you work on growing yourself, you’ll have the confidence to put better marketing strategies into place. And as you grow, you’ll have the resources to do all those things that may seem far away for you right now (but are closer than you think).

Better mindset is possible for YOU.

Growing your business can be an exhilarating, empowering journey when your mindset is lined up just right with your dreams. Get the right thoughts and beliefs in place, and it’s not just that anything can happen – EVERYTHING can happen.

There is a future version of you who has confidence, drive and money that you can’t imagine at the moment. But you’re just beginning the journey to becoming that person.

Better marketing + better mindset = winning at business.

You have dreams, and they’re great dreams. Big, messy dreams full of potential and transformation and exciting things ahead. And maybe they’re feeling a bit out of reach.

So it’s time to change that.

Upgrade your marketing, upgrade your mindset, and you’ll fly across the finish line.

Are you ready to fly?

I believe we can have a good time together. Come hang out and stay a while.

While you’re here, I hope you’ll take a look at the blog and newsletter. You’ll find inspiration and marketing guidance that will help you build the better mindset and better marketing you need to have the business you always knew you could have.

So take a look around. And come say hello on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I’ll see you there!