About Kris

Kris Faraldo

Hi! I’m Kris Faraldo, and I’m at the helm of IttyBiz following Naomi’s retirement in January of 2020.

I’ve been Naomi’s right-hand for many of the years that she’s run IttyBiz, and over that time she’s trained me in everything she knows about business, marketing, copywriting and product development. (I've even helped co-create many of the products in the Karma Store!)

How I got here: I started with IttyBiz as one of the “IttyBiz Ninjas” that handled customer support and tech, and worked my way up to Special Projects Manager. During that time Naomi focused on training me so that when she was ready to retire, we could do so smoothly and seamlessly.

Why I do this: I love helping people get things done by explaining things in a simple, straightforward and easily actionable manner. I love processes and protocols and how they can make building a business faster, easier, and less expensive.

My mission with IttyBiz is to help our customers’ make their businesses profitable and on a growth trajectory as quickly as possible. (See how I can personally help you out here.)

About Naomi

Naomi!Naomi Dunford originally founded IttyBiz in 2006, as a small business marketing consultancy that ran alongside her freelance copywriting work. (She is now retired, and can be found here.)

Naomi’s focus was on ultra-small businesses (for which she coined the word “ittybiz”, since there wasn’t a word for it then), which weren’t getting the marketing education and support they needed.

Naomi’s goal with IttyBiz was to help customers and clients sort out their marketing strategies so they could focus on doing the real work they wanted to do.

Additionally, she worked closely with them on personal issues, holding the philosophy that a one-person business was a reflection of the person running it, with their individual strengths and weaknesses impacting the results they achieved.

She was also a strong proponent of keeping prices for products as low as possible, and kept her price points at a fraction of what the industry charged. Upon her transition to retirement, she asked that all of her in-store intellectual property be made available on a pay-what-you-want basis, with the profits from that store going to charity.

Over the 13 years she led the business, she coached with over 1,500 one-on-one clients, and coached or advised online personalities Danielle LaPorte, Chris Guillebeau, Clay Collins and Jen Louden. She has appeared in major outlets such as Forbes, Cosmopolitan and USA Today, and has been a featured subject in multiple New York Times Bestsellers.

But mostly she worked with one-person shops, helping them figure out the best paths for their businesses and their lives.

Naomi retired from IttyBiz in January of 2020.

She now writes at her personal blog, xxNaomi.