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Month: April 2015

This Is Not The End Of Your Story

This Is Not The End Of Your Story

Had I gone to college, I would have studied history.

I like history.

The reason I like history is the same reason I like marketing and law.

The facts don’t matter as much as the stories surrounding the facts.

Most of the non-fiction books we read around here are history related.

(Unless you wrote a book, of course. If you wrote a book, I read it and I loved it. Sensational. Better than Gladwell!)

My beloved has a book called Lincoln and His Generals, originally published in 1952.

It’s about, well, Lincoln, I guess. And his generals.

I had a thought about Lincoln and I thought you might like to hear it…

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Should You Really Join A Mastermind Group? (A Potentially Contrarian Opinion)

Should You Really Join A MastermindI had a chat about mastermind groups today. You know – mastermind groups, networking groups, meetings with alliteration in the name. (Women Who Work! The Wednesday Wowers! The Networking Nerds!) Basically, we’re talking formalized methods of getting together to support one another.

The person I was talking to is on the fence. She dreams of a mastermind group that truly supports her. She wishes for a group of business owners who are her “right people”. She is hoping to find her tribe.

Her conflict stems from two places. One, she doesn’t know if those people exist. Two, if they do exist, they might be hard to find.

The process of separating “right people” from “Oh my God, I hate these people” might be gruelling.

This is a common issue. The perks of a great mastermind group are, well, great. And bad mastermind groups are the ninth ring of hell. Sorting through an unknown number of bad ones to maybe find a good one is unpleasant.

So what should you do? Here’s my advice…

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