Get your marketing calendar (for the whole year!) together in just one afternoon.

People tend to find the idea of creating a marketing calendar intimidating. Let’s talk about that for a moment.

A marketing calendar is a tool you use to figure out where you’re going to do all your promotional stuff (like launches and sales) and where you’re going to do all that “other” stuff – blog posts, video content, social media stuff and emails to your list.

Yeah, I can see why people find that intimidating. That’s a whole lot of moving pieces to figure out, isn’t it?

But those moving pieces are what make you the money, and we all know it.

Figuring out all this from scratch can be hard – and that’s why we don’t end up doing it. The decisions, from what to include to how to organize it to what the right time is for every piece of the puzzle…

Holy cats, I’m getting the skeeves just describing it.

Can we maybe look at an easier way to make a marketing calendar happen?

(Yes. The answer is yes.)

I’ve put together something to help you out – a simple set of templates and instructions that will walk you through how to make a great marketing calendar without having to drink a bottle of wine to deal with it.

I mean, you can drink the wine if you want to. But do it because it’s fun.

So, back to the easy. I made something for you, and it’s called Plug & Play Marketing Calendar, and it’s going to do the heavy lifting for you.

Let’s go over how it works.

Everything's easier with a template.

Your marketing calendar is like a puzzle.

Not like one of those 1000-piece puzzles, though. It’s more like the kind of puzzles you give a reasonably intelligent 8-year-old. Dump the pieces in front of them, give them the top of the box with the picture on it, and they can finish it in an hour or two while you’re making dinner.

You remember making puzzles, don’t you? It starts out looking like a jumble of incomprehensible pieces, and the first thing you do is sort out the edge pieces.

Edge pieces are easy. Give it just a little time, and you’ve got them all in place, because there’s only so many places each piece can go.

Once you’re done with that, you can start building out the other parts of the puzzle. Get all the pieces of the red flower in place, then the blue bird, then the brown tree – as long as you have that picture to look at, each piece you place makes the next pieces easier and easier.

That’s what we’re going to do with your marketing calendar.

We’re going to start by using a template to place your edge pieces, so the world starts making sense.

Then we’re going to build out the flower, and the bird, and the tree, and then you’re going to be done.

No hard thinking. Just putting the pieces where it makes sense to put the pieces.

And when you’re done, you’ll be able to go through your days and weeks and months knowing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Sound good? Then Plug & Play Marketing Calendar is going to be your puzzle box.

We’re going to get you out of the “figuring it out” stage and into the “working the plan” part of the show with a doable plan that will do all the everyday thinking for you.

Plug & Play Marketing Calendar is – pinkie swear – the easiest way to get your calendar in place fast.

My goal is for you to be able to create your marketing calendar with only an afternoon or so of playing around – and absolutely zero stress.

So I’ve designed each component in the Plug & Play Marketing Calendar system to make that goal easily achievable – and something you can start on immediately.

No lengthy explanations, no hard choices, just specific, detailed instructions and templates that help you put all the pieces in the puzzle quickly.

It’s called Plug & Play for a reason. :)

And just like a puzzle – you can just cut straight to doing it. You don’t have to learn anything complicated before you start.

So how does it work?

Let’s go through what’s inside.

The Marketing Calendar Manual

This short (and entertaining) guide will walk you through everything you need to know to set up your own marketing calendar in an afternoon.

(Hint: You don’t need to know much. This is the “setting up the edge pieces” part.)

There are 6 steps to the process. All of them are easy, because I’ve simplified the process of making decisions and setting things up so that, like a puzzle, each step you put in place makes the next one simpler and easier.

This short manual will guide you through how everything works, with detailed pictures of what to put inside your Marketing Calendar Spreadsheet.
What could be more Plug & Play than that?

That covers the templates. Next up:

Your Marketing Calendar Spreadsheet

Not everyone loves creating spreadsheets.

*raises hand*

So what I have for you is a pre-built, plug-your-stuff-in spreadsheet that you can use right out of the box.

You don’t have to spend a single second figuring out what your calendar should look like – it’s all done for you.

As you move through the 6 steps of The Marketing Calendar Manual, all you’ll have to do is plug your details in there as you’re instructed, and your calendar will be complete.

I had Kris put this together because I hate making spreadsheets, so it’s pretty awesome. And even I can use it, so that says something about the easy.

And there are multiple copies for the next few years, so you don’t even have to put in the dates from year to year – it’s all done for you.

So, what’s next?

Marketing Month-By-Month

This part is my personal favorite, and one I think you’re going to get a lot out of.

It’s a month-by-month breakdown of what kind of things sell best at any given time of year.
You can use this guide to help you decide what you’re going to sell at different times of year. Ever wonder what the best time of year was to offer a particular class or product? I’ll tell you what you need to know.

You can also use it to figure out what kind of content will work best for your audience throughout the year, so you’ll ride the wave of whatever seasonal feelings are going on in your customer’s minds.

The thing I like most about this is that it can help make your decisions for you. When you see what April is like for the customer, you’ll know what kinds of content and promotions to put in front of them. It’s a whole new level of plug & play.

Now, what else is waiting for you?

Weekly Planning Agenda

Ok, this one is just for fun. You don’t even need to use it if you don’t want to.

If you hate to-do lists and little scraps of paper with all of your action items or whatever you call it cluttering your space, you can just print up one of these pretty little things.

It’s just a little thing, but it can make your weekly tasks a little more easy on the eyes, and we all know that can make a surprisingly big difference.

Really Cool Annual Calendars

Again, this is a little nice touch that can make planning your year (and moving through it) just a little bit nicer.
You know how you’re always having to pull up a calendar to check a date, whether you’re planning a launch or figuring out what day of the week a certain date is on?

And how calendars generally look really lame and boring?

Well, I made you some fun ones. (Well, Kris made them. I selected the pictures.)

So you’ll get 3 years of calendars in 3 different styles, which I have named Girly Stuff, Dude Approved and (Of Course) Cats. You can print them up, you can keep them on your desktop, whatever floats your boat.

Your Marketing Pre-Flight Checklist

One of the 6 steps of the process in The Marketing Calendar Manual is to block off your “No Zones” – times you can’t promote or that you can’t actively work. Things like weddings you have to go to, family trips, medical time off, religious holidays, that kind of thing.

As you set up your marketing calendar, you’ll want to take all of them into account… but it’s hard to think of all of the things you need to consider.

This is a big fat list of All The Things, so you don’t have to do any thinking at all.

You’re welcome. :)

Can I interest you in a bonus, while we’re here?

So, one more thing before we begin downloading – the bonus.

When you open up Plug & Play Marketing Calendar, you’ll also find a little special something I’ve cooked up for you: The Perfect Timing Toolkit.

When should you send your emails? When should you publish your blog posts? When’s the best time for your webinar, or your product launch, or your social media updates? When should you run a flash sale or special promotion?
Good questions. In this bonus, I’ll give you my answers.

Now you know everything that’s inside.

Shall we download?

Come! See how fast (and easy) it can be to set up your marketing calendar.

Once you have your marketing calendar in place, your life can get so much easier, almost immediately.

No more wondering “what should I be doing today?”.

No more wondering “what am I going to do for money later in the year?”

No more wondering “how am I going to balance out all the stuff I need to do?”

Just a calendar, set up faster than you could have imagined, that tells you what to do today, and everyday.

It’s like outsourcing your decisions, so you can just focus on getting things done.

And we’re going to set it up the easy way. :)

Open up Plug & Play Marketing Calendar, and see just how quickly you can get your calendar in place and ready for action.

And you can start right now.

Downloading is easy – just click the button below.

Download Plug & Play Marketing Calendar now!

The IttyBiz Easy-Peasy 30-Day Guarantee

As always, you have the IttyBiz Guarantee - if for any reason this product isn't for you, simply let me know within 30 days of purchase and I'll issue a full refund. No questions, no hassles, no nothing. It's always safe and risk-free to give IttyBiz a try. 

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Two, if you DO have a VA and they’re under-utilized or under-performing, we’re going to get you a Kris.

(For those of you who are new, Kris has been my VA - who is now in charge of training additional VAs with this very material.)

Choosing, hiring, training, delegating... don't figure it out on your own. I've already done it for you.


The purpose of this product is twofold:

One, I want you to be able to set your prices easily and confidently so that you can feel good asking people to pay them.

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Your new brand. In one week.

Perfectly you, perfectly consistent.

And... one REALLY cool bundle bonus.

For those who are interested, I’m also offering one more thing in this bundle.
It’s something that clients have asked me to put together for years, and I’ve decided that now I’ll finally do it.

I’ve run dozens and dozens of launches and promotions over the last 11 years. I’ve heard from clients and customers that they will often save my launch emails to study them.

(The braver of them admit they may have “borrowed” a few lines or angles here and there.)

But some people have told me “Man, I wish I had saved them all.”

Well, if you want them all, you can have them all.

With my full permission to use / reuse / outright copy anything in them for your own launch or promotional emails.

Yes... you can literally steal my emails.

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The IttyBiz Easy-Peasy 30-Day Guarantee

As always, you have the IttyBiz Guarantee - if for any reason this product isn't for you, simply let me know within 30 days of purchase and I'll issue a full refund. No questions, no hassles, no nothing. It's always safe and risk-free to give IttyBiz a try. 

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