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Month: June 2016

So You Think Your Marketing Idea Might Be Silly

Marketing Ideas

So you think your marketing idea might be silly.

I had a delightful conversation with a woman from Zurich today. She had an idea for the launch of her business – just a little idea, one small tactic for a fun promotional opportunity.

She asked me, “Is that a good idea? Or do you think it’s silly?”

That’s a good question.

One of the most difficult parts of running a business – and in particular starting a business – is having no idea if you’re out of your mind. This applies to everything from domain names to product lines to stationery to the t-shirt you wear to the trade show.

On every conceivable front, you could be totally insane, and you wouldn’t even know it. It’s nice to have somebody to ask the simplest of questions – is this silly?

So I asked her what I always ask in response to this question…

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50 Shades of YAY: Ways To Celebrate Success

Ways To Celebrate

You want ways to celebrate? We’ve got ways to celebrate.

Whatever it is that you’re celebrating probably took a lot out of you and might have been a long time coming. Even if all you did was decide on a domain name, that decision was birthed after a long labor.

Here are fifty ways to celebrate success…

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