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Month: March 2017

Website Makeover: 12 Little Things That Make A Big Impact

Website Makeover: 12 Little Things That Make A Big Impact

It’s been website makeover week here. For the last week or so, I’ve been dutifully dusting and shining and fluffing the pillows of my website and social media presence.

A lot of people want to freshen up their website, but aren’t ready to commit to the sometimes gruelling process of a redesign. With spring in mind, let’s look at a few smaller things you can do to breathe some fresh life into the place.

Here are 12 low-commitment, low-or-no cost ways you can do a laser-fast website makeover…

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What’s Working NOW: 11 Bloggers On What’s Up in 2017

What's Working Now

You know when you Google something?

And you get a result and it’s from like, 1977 or something?

And it takes you 14 searches to remember you can use search tools to filter by date?

But by then you’re exhausted and you just want to give up work for the day and read Amish romance novels in the bath?

Is that just me?

Anyway, for your reading pleasure, here is a collection of articles written very recently by business-y types talking about what they’re working on right now.

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