Digital Nomad Advice For Working On The Road: What I’ve Learned On My 100-Day Journey

Working as a digital nomad is an interesting lifestyle. A couple of years ago, I gave up the whole “having a residence” thing and became full-time homeless. I started out by spending a decent amount of time in each location I visited, and I wrote about this part of the journey here.


Now I’m in a new part of the journey. As I write this, I am in the middle of a 100-day trip around the world. I don’t know how many countries we’re visiting (20-odd? Maybe 30?) and we’re staying in each for periods ranging from one day to 16 days.

In the midst of this, I’m bringing an unschooled tween, and I’m working on the road.

I’ve been gone for a month now, and I’ve picked up a few tips along the way, many of which are things I couldn’t have imagined before taking a trip of this scope.

Shall we?

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