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Month: April 2019

Ask Naomi: How Do I Choose Between 2 Good Names For My Product?

How Do I Choose Between 2 Good Names For My Product?

Taylor asks:

I’m working my way through Product in a Weekend and I’m getting stuck on choosing a name for my product out of a handful of contenders. I have two names that I like the best, one is on the catchier side and the other is more straightforward and how-to. Every time I get ready to decide on one, I stall because I worry the other name is better. What do you do when you have two good names for the same product?

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Ask Naomi: How Do I Sell Myself Without Bragging?

Selling Yourself Without Bragging

Amanda asks:

I’m loving Plug & Play Pricing but I’m hitting a bit of a snag. I’m using the first pricing model and looking at the other people in my industry, but I want to set my prices higher than they do because I have a special process that I think makes what I do more valuable than what they do. But I’m afraid that customers won’t be able to get why my way is better and they will think I’m charging too much. How do you tell people that your service is better without coming off like a braggart?

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Ask Naomi: Should I Brand Based On What I Like, Or What Other People Like?

Jessica asks:

“I found a palette that I like from your branding course and I know you recommend using it as a starting inspiration, so I turned it into a custom palette for my brand. I love the colors I picked, but I’m so in love with it I don’t know if my customers are going to think it’s a good combo. I’m starting to wonder if I should pick something a little more ordinary. Should I pick the color palette I like, or the one I think my customers will like?”

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Ask Me Anything: How Do I Break The News To My List?

Joanne asks:

Do you have any tips for what messaging to put out to your mailing list of followers when your business partner of 14yrs is moving away/leaving the enterprise (it’s a very-local nonprofit) and you’re faced with carrying on, and you just aren’t feeling the spirit right now, you’d rather curl up in your pjs and eat chocolate …

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