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Emergency Turnaround Clinic

Naomi Dunford
Naomi Dunford

Hi there, and welcome to ETC.

I originally released this program in 2010 in response to the recession, and thousands of ittybiz owners have used it to get their tiny ventures into a more sustainable position.

Here we are, 10 years later… and the economy is… well, no one is sure what it's going to be at this point. But it ain't sunshine and roses, that's for sure. (And not the retirement I was expecting, either.)

So Kris is re-releasing it – exactly as it was, with no changes – because there's a lot in here that can help your business (and more importantly, your sanity) as you navigate what's coming next.

It's yours, it's free (and free to share!), and I hope you enjoy it.

  • This is old-school, “classic” IttyBiz. (Read: In 2010 I swore a lot. If you're listening to the audios for the first time, keep that in mind if there are any children or employers within earshot.)
  • Again, these are the 2010 audios and transcripts. The branding is different, and there may be a few parts of it that don't directly address the current world scenario. So be aware that this was created with a recession in mind, not a pandemic. There's a lot of crossover, to be sure, but it's not 100%.
  • ETC was designed for repeated listening / reading. Many students have told me they put the tracks for this program on auto-play as they go about their days, and that it's kind of like therapy for them as well as business advice. All tracks are iTunes-ready, so if you like to throw your headphones on daily, you might enjoy setting this up as a playlist.

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How to go through the program

You can download the entire program via the link below and open it up on your computer, or just stream the audio on this page (or click the transcript links to read them).

You don't have to go through them in order, but I'd recommend going through Your Money Turnaround and Your Emotional Turnaround first. They'll give you a place to get grounded and stable before moving forward.

(I've re-ordered the program to put these two tracks first for you to make it easier.)

You can download the entire program here:

…or scroll down and start clicking on the audios.

Note for brand-new people

If you've never heard of IttyBiz before you had this program shared with you, you probably don't know about the Karma Store. After I retired from IttyBiz, this is where I put 12 of my products on a pay-what-you-want basis, with store profits going to Kiva.org.

You CERTAINLY don't have to buy anything (and do NOT buy anything that isn't immediately going to be helpful to you now from me or anyone else), but should you need any of the training products there, you can pay as little as you want to for them.

You can see the Karma Store here if you want.

Now, moving on. Let's get you started. :)

Let's dive in!

Track One:
Your Money Turnaround

(Right-click on all links to download and save files.)

Lesson 1: Figuring Out Your 3 “Squeak By Numbers”

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 2: Changing The Way You Look At Money

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 3: What To Do When Money Gets Tight

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 4: Making Sure the Emergency Never Happens Again

Download AudioTranscript

Track Two:
Your Emotional Turnaround

Lesson 1: Achieve and Avoid

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 2: Dealing With Fear

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 3: Accepting Obstacles

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 4: How to Stop Getting in Your Own Way

Download AudioTranscript

Track Three:
Your Momentum Turnaround

Lesson 1: What To Do Next (And What To Stop Doing)

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 2: Getting Your Hustle Back

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 3: Making The Most Of Your Time

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 4: Creating Your Next Action Plan

Download AudioTranscript

Track Four:
Your Clients & Customers Turnaround

Lesson 1: Your Most Immediate Buyer

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 2: Getting Over Stupid Customer Hangups

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 3: Get In Touch. Now.

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 4: Follow Up Forever

Download AudioTranscript

Track Five:
Your Products And Services Turnaround

Lesson 1: Expanding Your Sellable Options

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 2: Taking Your Ego Out

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 3: Expediting Production

Download AudioTranscript

Lesson 4: Creating Your Marketing Calendar

Download AudioTranscript

You can weather ANY storm. I believe in you.

Naomi!I know we're entering into an uncertain future, and we're all going to have to change our patterns, manage our emotions and make choices from a highly empowered place.

I hope that the lessons in ETC help you to do all of that, and so much more.

You can do this. I believe in you.


A few other things you can do after this…

Outside of going through the Emergency Turnaround Clinic, there are a few other things you can do from this page:

  • Come visit my new blog, xxNaomi. It's about how to take care of yourself and the people you care about in this “WTF?” time.
  • Share this page with other people, so they can get the ETC lessons as well. Click the buttons below.
  • Peek at the Karma Store, if it seems like it might be of use to you.