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IttyBiz has been doing a LOT of consulting lately for businesses that need to start making big things happen in a hurry. (In other words, the metaphorical wolf is at the door, and things need to start changing yesterday). If this sounds like you, then I'd love to introduce to you a class called The Emergency Turnaround Clinic, complete with New! Fancy! “Sliding Scale Tuition”!

This 5-part clinic is for you and your ittybiz if one or more of these applies to you:

a) You are screwed. You need a turnaround now.

b) You are stagnant (and if you don’t stop being stagnant, you’ll soon be screwed).

c) You don’t just hate your day job, you HATE your day job. You need out soon or you’re going to lose your mind.


How much does it cost?
What’s “sliding scale tuition” mean?

The full price of the 5-part intensive clinic is $375.

However, we know that some ittybiz owners – for whatever their reasons – are not in a ready position to pay full price, so we’re going to test out a sliding scale tuition model for this course.

This means that you can adjust the price of the clinic to pay whatever amount you’re ready to pay. If you can pay $375, you can do that now. If you need to adjust the price way down to fit your situation, you can do that. As low as you need to.

In other words, no matter what position your business is in, we want to make sure you have access to this clinic. It’s that important.


Are you serious? Who puts a $375 class on for “pay what you can?”

Well, we do.

We understand that everybody's situation is different.

This is an Emergency Turnaround class. We're not going to ask you to pay more than you can manage.


What’s in the class?

The Emergency Turnaround Clinic has 5 learning tracks created to eliminate the barriers that are stopping your ittybiz from making more money. Each of the learning tracks is split into 4 sections so you can get moving without being overwhelmed.

This is not a start-your-own-business class: we’re assuming you have a business going already (even if it’s tiny, or new, or on the side while you have a day job), and the customers and clients just aren’t coming in the way you need them to.

If that’s you, then here’s what you’re going to see:

For many ittybiz owners, money is just about the scariest topic in the world. (Thinking on it, this is a little bit hilarious when you consider how much time we spend talking about it, thinking about it, and generally mooning over it.)

The thing is, money isn't the prohibiting factor that we often think it is. Unknowns and fears and inaccurate or unfounded attempts at predicting the future – usually the Worst Possible Future Imaginable – mean that our drama about money stops us from doing a lot of what we could be doing.

We get caught up in a loop of “what ifs” and “I don't knows” and those things are stopping you from gaining the traction you need.

In the money section, we're going to talk about getting a lot more of it, as efficiently and effectively and calmly and reasonably as possible, starting NOW.

A taste of what you'll cover:

  • Bulletproofing your back-up plan in advance. (Take the money stress away, and you'll sleep a lot better at night.)
  • What to do if your savings are pathetic
  • The “squeak-by number”, revisited. (Your “squeak-by number” is the amount of money your ittybiz needs to squeak by.)
  • The only sane way to really figure out how much money you need in the bank
  • Surviving (and even semi-thriving) in the event of your own Worst Case Scenario

Overwhelm and fear and urgency will drag us down if we let it. But done right, you CAN feel confident about your next steps and get the momentum and traction you need to get things moving sooner rather than later.

This module is about what to do next. It's about feeling confident and secure that you're moving down the right path, scaling the right ladder, doing the right thing. It's about eliminating the barriers to getting the right stuff done. It's about progress. (Finally.)

A taste of what you'll cover:

  • Accomplishing a lot more than you're doing now (without ever once feeling like you're on speed.)
  • Getting your hustle back so you can start making things happen
  • Eliminating unnecessary steps, delays and hold-ups, both inside and outside your ittybiz
  • Learning to trust your best guess (and making your “best guess” better)
  • What to actually DO. Then what to do next. And next. And next.

In Your Clients and Customers Turnaround, we're going to focus on rapidly accelerating the process of getting new buyers, and making the most out of your existing ones. The people with the money are not nearly as confusing or unpredictable or unreachable as we sometimes think they are.

There are people out there who have been considering buying from you for a long time now. Let's find them. There are people who have bought from you before who probably want to buy more, but they don't know that more is on offer.

There are plenty of simple, methodical ways to get more people in the door that bring very rapid results to your bottom line. We just have to know what they are. (Well, and do them, I guess.) It's not revolutionary, but it's not tweaking either. Think of them as revolutionary tweaks.

A taste of what you'll cover:

  • Ignoring target demographics for a while. (You're in a hurry. This isn't the time to get precious about your ideal buyer. You need buyers, period.)
  • Communicating your offers without tapping out (or pissing off) your buyer base
  • Accelerating the process of turning leads or fans into buyers. (Turning “someday” fans into people who finally decide to buy from you.)
  • Thinking like your client. (They're not aliens, but they're also not you. We're going to teach you how to see yourself through their eyes. It's different than you think, and it's where the money is.)

There are lots of lovely people out there who would gladly send you money if only you were offering more of the things they want to buy. Sometimes all you need to do is reposition what you're already selling, but for your average potential customer, there's stuff they want to buy that you could easily put up for sale.

This is the module where you're going to stop leaving perfectly good money on the table. (And just where is this “table” everyone speaks of? I'd sure as hell like to find it. There seems to be a lot of money sitting on it.)

You're going to learn how to make your existing stuff more appealing to customers and clients, and you're going to learn how to figure out simple ways to get new products/services into their hands without wearing yourself out. (Yes, we're going to talk about how to get new stuff up for sale fast without sacrificing quality.)

A taste of what you'll cover:

  • Expanding your view of sellable products and services. (You've got more stuff than you think you do.)
  • Cutting the fat, and learning what not to do when you're in turnaround mode.
  • Expediting production, release and distribution (also known as, how to hurry up without screwing up)
  • Thinking 3 products ahead and finally creating your marketing calendar

I don't know why people say that that running your own business means sitting around in your pajamas (well, it makes sense in that you may be up until 3am some days). Business is stressful. It's not the simple life that people make it out to be.

That stress can make it seem impossible to get things done while staying sane – so we're going to devote this entire track to helping you feel more grounded, less stressed and (dare I say it?) a hell of a lot happier than you are now.

You're might be feeling alone, overworked, stressed and unsupported – and we're going to tackle these head-on in this part of the class. The goal here is to get you feeling much, much better so you can do the work you were put here to do, period.

A taste of what you'll cover:

  • How to stop being so goddamn scared all the time. In detail.
  • Dealing with a support network that's less than supportive (on a good day)
  • Shutting off all those half-sentences, half-questions, and endless loops swanning around and sabotaging you from the inside
  • Taking your idea of “success” and making it much more real so you can finally make it happen.


When you finish this clinic, you will finally be on track. Not just any track. The fast track.

We've designed this class from the ground up to teach you the ways of thinking, understanding and acting that will get revenue flowing as fast as possible into your business.

This isn't a “make money” course that will tell you how to do trendy tactics that can net you a quick buck.  These are the strategies that any small business uses when they need to start turning themselves around in a hurry.

You know when people say “show me the good stuff?”  This is the good stuff.


How the class works and other important stuff you need to know

Here's how it works.

  • You'll receive all 5 learning tracks right away, so you can dive in immediately.  Again, each track is split up into four sections, so you can go at your own pace without being overwhelmed.
  • You'll also receive a special “get off your ass” email each day for 20 days to help you put what you're learning into action.  These emails have easy-to-customize quick action steps designed to get you taking small actions to accelerate your progress.  (We did these “G.O.Y.A” emails in a previous program and they were the star of the show.)

And that's it.  No showing up for teleclasses – you'll get your written lessons and audio lessons right away so you can get moving fast.  It's time to help make you some money.


Here's how to get started

Just click the button below and you can enroll in the class.

Remember, the full price for the clinic is $375, and we're offering sliding scale tuition if you're not ready to pay full price for the course.
(You can simply adjust the price after you click the button below. Super simple, we promise. And it's 100% okay to go as low as you need to, even to $1.)

We don't want anything to stand in the way of you getting the training you need to get more clients, customers, and money flowing into your business.

We can't wait to help you.

Naomi & Dave


P.S. If you have friends and colleagues that are hurting right now and who might be interested in this clinic, I'd love it if you'd forward this along to them for me. (I'm not normally in the business of asking you to do my marketing for me, but I'm really hoping the sliding scale tuition model will help get good training into as many hands and hard-drives as possible. No pressure, but if you can think of anyone, I'd sure appreciate it.)