The Golden MinuteRecently, I got it in my head that I wanted to buy an RV. (Recreational vehicle or travel trailer for those not “in the lifestyle”.) I went to an RV dealership and checked out my options and became instantly besotted with what is now internally referred to as the IttyBiz Tour Bus. (It has two bedrooms, Mom! On a BUS!)

So I look at the $100,000 trailer park on wheels and promptly head home to research everything I can about being an RV chick. I am envisioning painting it pink and putting the IttyBiz logo on the side. I am having fantasy conversations in my head with fancy interior decorators, discussing the fittings and color scheme. I imagine myself saying things like, “Well, given the unique challenges of the space…” with a knowing shrug and incline of my head so they will understand how very worldly and sophisticated I am.  I look up all the lingo, and whether it's smarter to get a fifth wheel or a travel trailer or the Class A bus thingie.

In my travels, I find an article about saving money as an RVer. It's a normal blog piece – maybe 700 words, a few bullet points. Nothing too exciting but at that precise moment in my life, it's EXACTLY what I'm looking for. I am so happy I could die.

At the end of the piece there's a link to the author's ebook called — and I swear, I'm not making this up — 111 Ways To Get The Most Bang For Your RV Lifestyle Buck. I click. It's ten bucks. I am beside myself with glee and buy it without hesitation.

The golden minute!

When a new fan arrives, there is about a minute when they will want almost anything you have on offer. Not every visitor, no. But every potential fan. They are stoked. They want you. Badly. They are hungry and desperate and a little bit breathless with excitement. They have Found! Something! Awesome!

Have something for them, right at that minute.

Launches are great. Building anticipation is unbeatable. Getting people really excited about your coming product is an excellent tool in your tool belty thing. But brand new fans need you now. Not six weeks from now. Not when your designer gets back to you with the mockups. Not when you finally find the perfect copywriter. Now.

What do you have that your new fans can get now?

An ebook would work. It can be free or not. An audio download, same deal. An entry level priced home study. A series of videos. Whatever. Give them something while they're in that golden minute – so that when that rare jewel of a new fan shows up, you won't have to let them down.