Hey there! It's good to see you. :)

I've set this page up for you so that you can listen to the “One Step At A Time” audio recording whenever you're feeling a little stressed, scared, or overwhelmed, and you need a lift.

(A quick note: This audio is part of a “meditations” series in my money masterclass, but you'll find it useful for ALL things you might be feeling scared about – not just money.)

So, scroll down, click play, and let's get you feeling better.


Listen To “One Step At A Time”

[cleanaudioplayer theme=”default” disable_controls=”false” autoplay=”false” playlist_height=”275px” playlist=”{title: ‘One Step At A Time (15:38)', mp3: ‘https://s3.amazonaws.com/moneyclass/Meditations/One_Step_At_A_Time.mp3’}”]

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Downloading and Sharing This Audio

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