Over the last decade, I’ve released 19 products that have made more than six-figures each.

Here’s my formula.

Hi there, I’m Naomi Dunford. I’ve been making ebooks and online classes for a (really) long time now, and I have been fortunate enough to have made over six figures with almost every one of them (excluding small one-off products and workshops).

Full disclosure: I had two complete flops. And no, I will not tell you what they were. (But I will tell you why they flopped in a minute.)

If you’re reading this, then you’d probably like to know how you can create ebooks, online courses or events that will sell past the six-figure mark.

Well, you’re in the right place. I’ve put together an easy-to-follow ebook that walks you through my process, and you can download and dig into it today.

In Six-Figure Products, you’ll discover a simple, four-step process for knowing exactly what will make people buy.

When you download Six Figure Products today, I’ll walk you through the straightforward process of uncovering what your target buyers are most willing to pay for.

You will learn how to target the right customers in the first place, so that you’re marketing to the people most willing to spend.

You will learn how to create the right kind of product, so they immediately feel like your product is exactly what they’ve been looking for.

You will learn what to put in your product so that it has everything they want in it – and nothing they don’t.

You will learn how to position your product so that they feel that you have created a product that is a perfect fit for them.

This isn’t rocket science. Far from it.

It’s buyer psychology, simplified – so you can do it quickly and easily, for every product, online course or event you want to create.

I have used this process to create 19 products that have passed the six-figure sales mark. Every time I’ve used it, I’ve succeeded, in up markets and down.

The two times I didn’t … well, those products bombed in comparison. One had 10% of the sales I expected. The other had 1%. (Yeah. That one was embarrassing.)

Both times, I was riding high on a previous success and thought I could skip the process.

I figured that I had a really cool idea and I was just sure people were going to love it, so I just went for it.

And both times that I skipped the process … well, let’s just say I was humbled.

When I only went on my gut, my sales were few and far between.

When I went on my customer’s gut, I sold 10 to 100 times as much in comparison.

What if every time you mentioned your product, 10 to 100 times more people actually bought it?

There are no guarantees in business – or life, for that matter. I am never going to promise you there are.

But we can all understand odds.

You know that when you walk into a job interview, picking out the right clothes increases your odds of making a good impression.

You know that when you select a nicer format for your resume, you increase your odds of getting that interview in the first place.

And you know that practicing your answers to common interview questions increases the odds that you will land that job (and the paycheck attached to it).

You already know that getting the little details right adds up, and swings the odds in your favor.

The same is true with your products.

If you want to increase the odds that large numbers of people buy your product, you have to know what those “little details” are.

(As well as a few big details, while we’re down there.)

In Six Figure Products, you’ll discover what all of those details are… and exactly how to get them right.

Take a quick look at just some of what you’ll learn in Six-Figure Products …

When you download Six-Figure Products today, you’ll learn all the little details that get more people buying from you.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll discover …

... and so much more.

  • The four critical ingredients in any bestselling product (miss one, and your sales take a beating)
  • How to instantly build buyer comfort so saying “yes” to your product is an easy decision
  • The one place you should be putting 90% of your marketing brain to multiply your sales
  • How to choose the perfect title to maximize sales of your product
  • 4 incredibly simple steps to “deep targeting” – the strategy that reveals who will buy your product (and why!)
  • What subtle mistakes make buyers automatically say “no” – and how to avoid them, every time
  • The “Buyer Benefit Scorecard” that shows you which benefits buyers will pay for (and which ones they won’t)
  • How to capture sales from people who don’t normally buy products like yours
  • The secret to avoiding the “Busy Mom Effect” that makes buyers roll their eyes and walk away
  • How to eliminate key buyer objections (without writing a single line of sales copy)
  • How to attract “surprise buyers” – the wide customer base you don’t realize will happily buy your products
  • How to make your product stand out and not look like “just another copycat” to customers

Discover exactly how to make the perfect product for your audience – the first time, and every time.

Six-Figure Products is an easy-to-follow ebook that comes with four mini-workbooks to guide you through each step of the process.

You can use this process as many times as you want.

You can use it for ebooks, online courses, classes and events.

You can multiply your sales with every single product you create.

But first you have to get your hands on it.

Click the button below, and you can download it right now.

$97 is all it takes to learn how to make your own Six-Figure Products…

As I said before, there are no guarantees in business or in life.

But there is my personal guarantee on this ebook.

If by page 15 you don’t understand exactly what makes a winning product…

If by page 29 you don’t see how deep targeting can multiply your sales…

If by page 44 you don’t have a grasp on what makes customers say, “I want that“… 

If by page 58 you don’t see exactly what will make your marketing 10 times more effective…

Then get in touch, and I’ll happily return your entire purchase price. No questions asked.

That you can count on.

Now go take a look at the book. I guarantee you’re going to love it.

Your "No Hoops" Guarantee

If Six Figure Products isn’t the right fit for you, send me an email within 30 days of registration, and I’ll cheerfully give you your money back. 100%. No hoops to jump through, no worksheets to fill out, no questions asked.

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