Welcome to IttyBiz

Hello! I’m Naomi, and I’m a business coach.

(I’m also sometimes a life coach, because business things and life things tend to go together. But I’m getting ahead of myself, so more on that in a moment.)

Business is a messy affair. I get that.

No two businesses are alike, even if they “should” be similar. When I look at some of my clients – working in identical industries, selling pretty much the same things at the same price points, to the same sort of people… what each of them needs right now is wildly different.

What makes their needs different is where they are right now – first, as a person, and second, as a business owner.

Some people need help wrangling a strategy for their next launch.

Other people need to know how to stop freaking out about an upcoming rebrand.

Still others need someone to run their ideas by to see if they’re missing something.

And sometimes, some people need help figuring out if they should even be in this business at all.

So yes… business is messy.

Sometimes you’re dealing with typical “business” issues. Launches, strategies, rebrands, and so on are things we need to figure out for You, The CEO.

Sometimes you’re dealing with “you” issues. Those are things that we need to figure out for You, The Person.

But usually? They’re both happening at the same time, like two people doing a wicked tango on the dance floor. You and your business are partners, and I coach the whole ecosystem. We don’t just deal with one or the other – we deal with both at the same time.

That’s pretty much what I do.

There are plenty of coaches out there who handle specific, objectives-based business elements like list building, social media, starting or expanding a business, etc. If that’s something that appeals to you, and you’re good at following systems and programs, then working with one of those coaches is probably a safe bet for you.

But if you’re in a messy spot right now? If structured, follow-this-process coaching isn’t going to cut it for your unique situation? If you need advice and guidance for your weird situation?

I might be able to help.

Here’s what working with me is like.

It’s pretty simple. The way that I work with clients is to get to know where they are right now, and what they need in the moment.

Then we go from there.

While I do sell coaching in packages (meaning groups of hours), the coaching itself is just getting on the phone and talking things through. We can schedule 1-hour calls, 30 minute calls, 2-hour calls – whatever you need at the time – at the end of the day, we’re just getting on the phone and talking things through.

But what’s that like?

Excellent question. I’ve asked a few of my current clients to tell you what the experience has been like for them.


“Naomi will help you create a successful business in which there’s room for you.”

“As soon as we get on the phone, I get an “everything’s going to be alright” feeling. The steps I need to take become clearer and feel more manageable, and I believe more in my own ability to figure stuff out because Naomi’s on my team. Even her voice is soothing. She is calm, straight-talking, and wise.

Naomi will help you create a successful business in which there’s room for you. Lots of coaches and consultants only care about the results – they make no allowance for how you might feel about what they’re telling you to do. I suppose that approach must work for some people but I find it suffocating. Naomi will be straight with you about what needs to happen, but she’ll also treat you like a smart, capable person with feelings that matter.”

Clare Yuille


“Naomi will help you feel free and supported rather than pigeonholed and restricted.”

“I've been known to recommend Naomi a ton (read: every time I'm asked about coaches) and what I say is this; She knows what she's talking about, she's kind and fair but will absolutely not let you believe your own stories, and I've never once regretted any money spent with her. She is competent, encouraging, and plainspoken.

She asks you the important questions and then doesn't waste time going through things you already know. I cannot even begin to express how much I adore that – if she knows you have a piece covered she's not going to belabour the point – she'll just sort of dust her hands off and go “You KNOW this bit”. Which is a huge confidence boost, too.

I always leave our talks feeling far better and more competent and confident than I went in. If you're going through something she will vocally take your side, if you're waffling and don't know what to do she'll call you out on that, you're never unsure where you stand with her.

Naomi will help you figure out what you want to do and which direction you should take, and help you feel free and supported rather than pigeonholed and restricted.”

Heather Craik


“Naomi coaches you through the next best steps for YOUR situation. It's a night and day difference.”

Amy Hebdon“Working one-on-one with Naomi was on my wish list for several years before I contacted her. I'd taken some group courses and was really impressed by her approach. I was excited to see how she could help me in my business, but worried I'd find out she was one of those coaches who charges $20,000 an hour. Luckily, she didn’t. :)

The thing I love most about having Naomi as my business coach is she has worked with so many people and has so much experience and empathy. She never tells me how to feel. She says “I get it. I get you. Here's what I think you should do because of who you are.” With Naomi, I can start out with my head totally cloudy and stuck or sad, and walk away with clarity and encouragement.

When I'm stuck in my head and feel alone in my business, Naomi offers me a flashlight, a helping hand, and a map out.

Naomi is empathetic, wise and insightful. Many coaches make up a system or program, and try to force you to follow the system, because it's all they know. In sharp contrast, Naomi listens to what you need, what you're willing to do, what you're just not ready for, and then coaches you through the next best steps for your situation. It's night and day difference.”

Amy Hebdon


“It's like hitting the accelerator on your professional AND personal development.”

Valentina Thörner“My favorite parts of working with Naomi are her to-the-point-questions, how she shares her own experiences and resources, and how she can take my crazy ideas and add an even crazier cherry on top by sharing what other people (often in different industries) have done with a similar idea or in a similar situation.

Naomi is honest, no-nonsense, and kind. She'll tell you what sucks and what doesn't, without fuss, but without demolishing your ego either. ;)

I also love the way Naomi digs out stuff she did in the past that she knows will EXACTLY resonate with me, be that blogposts, templates, etc.. I very much look forward to our conversations :)

If you’re considering coaching with Naomi, do it now! Sign up for a couple of sessions up front, like 10 or so. Book one session every 3-4 weeks – and book them well in advance to hold yourself accountable. The cadence allows you to actually act on all those great ideas you wrote down during your sessions while keeping the accountability of “oh, there's another session coming up, I better start (at least) starting”. It's like hitting the accelerator on your professional AND personal development.

I love the option to book 30 min sessions with Naomi, because those are just enough to keep my motivation at an all-high level, getting new input and then continue the path on my own. Most other coaches tend to work on 1-hour increments, which isn't what I need at this stage in my life/career/ittybiz endeavor.

Also, working with a fellow introvert is definitely a plus.

Basically, Naomi, I love you dearly. ;)”

Valentina Thörner


“I wish there was a better word to describe what Naomi does.”

Lois Nethery“I just love being able to show up with something that’s niggling or hurting, and I don’t need to concern myself whether or not the thing is packaged neatly into a short essay with a beginning, middle and end. I can just show up with my amorphous mass of perceptions, associations, blind spots, gifts, questions, Questions (the big kind) and tip-of-the-tongue descriptions of what I’m experiencing.

I just trust that I can put all of these things into the pot, and Naomi will stir the pot, say her incantations and then bring me a transformed version of what I’ve just expressed, with nuggets of gold for me to discover in the moment, as well as for days and weeks afterwards.

She has a real gift for listening and discovering intuitive connections and it’s just relaxing and life-affirming to speak with her. I wish there was a better word to describe what Naomi does. She is compassionate, intuitive, and extremely knowledgeable without that getting in the way. She leads with her Naomi-ness, and her knowledge comes second.

Naomi will really help you if you KNOW you’re ready for growth. You might not know where to start, what to look at first, or even know what to aim for. But if you have that urge for growth then she will help you unpack who you are in your biz, help you discover your horizons and give you an abundance of starting points and rest stops, so that you can navigate through that terrain. It’s normal to feel fear in a growth process, and she won’t take your fear away (you wouldn’t want her to anyway) but she will normalize the process for you and help you to grow in a way that feels congruent and just right for you.

Lois Nethery

How to know if we might be a good fit for each other.

I am not for everyone. I’m what they call “non-neurotypical”, the catch-all term for things like ADHD, autism, and things in that sphere. I’m a digital nomad, an unschooler, a triple Pisces with Aries rising. I’m weird.

Typically, I work very well with other weird, independent people. We tend to get along swimmingly.

(And if you’re just a “little” weird, that’s probably fine, too. But if you love corporate stuff? Probably not a good match.)

But here’s the best litmus test for the “might we be a good fit?” question:

Go to my Start Here page and read 10 or 15 of my blog posts. If you find yourself resonating with my style, then we’re probably good. If you decide that I’m categorically insufferable, then boy, did you just save yourself an awkward phone call.


Pricing and whatnot.

Typically, I sell coaching in chunks of 6, 8, or 12 hours at a time, to be used at your discretion. Some clients talk to me every week, others once a month or in little clusters when they need it. There’s plenty of flexibility.

I will never sell you on a particular “amount” of coaching. Once I get to know your needs and budget, I will suggest one or more options based on what works for you, and you can make your own decision from there.

Packages are priced at:

  • 6 hours for $1650
  • 8 hours for $2200
  • 12 hours for $3300

We can split the payments if that works out better for you, too. Some clients like to get it all out of the way, others like to divide it into 2 or 3 chunks.


If you’re interested in working together, then your next step is to schedule a (free) “Hopes and Dreams” call.

Before I begin working with any client, I start with a free, no-obligation “Hopes and Dreams” call – about 30 minutes or so on the phone where you can tell me about what you would like to get out of working together, and what your current situation is like.

We’ll talk about you and your business, and we can both discover how we feel about talking to each other.

At the end of that call, I will not sell you a package. I’ll give you options for what we can do together based on your coaching budget, and I’ll let you go off to have some time to think if you’d like.

(Or, if I’m not the right person to help you, I’ll tell you.)

So, if you’re interested in finding out if you want to work together, do these two things:

  1. Email my assistant (Kris Faraldo) at [email protected] and ask for a scheduling link for your Hopes and Dreams call.
  2. Think about what your budget range for coaching is, so I’ll be able to give you recommendations on our call together.

That’s it!

If you’re interested in getting on a call together, I look forward to talking to you.