About IttyBiz

Hi, and welcome to IttyBiz. Thanks for stopping by. Since we couldn’t agree on whether FAQ was pronounced “eff-ay-cue” or “fack”, we decided to make our About Us page into a 5 Ws format and avoid the whole thing. Whew. That was a close one.

What is IttyBiz?

IttyBiz is a place to get tips, advice, motivation, and support for your very small business. If you’re working from home or just thinking about it, come and hang out here for some great ideas and bad jokes.

Who are we?

Naomi – The Word Nerd

NaomiNaomi grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and got bitten by the be-your-own-boss bug pretty young. Her first idea, at sixteen, was to create a local courier service called Bullet Courier. You know, bullets? Fast? Well, apparently, when most people think of bullets, they think of guns, not well-dressed and friendly young messengers on bicycles. Her first lesson was learned.

After a few more uninspiring ideas and false starts, she realized she might have to actually feed herself and got a real job. She worked for ten years in marketing and corporate communication for a few Fortune 500 companies, but when the newest member of the household made his appearance, she knew it was time to come back home. Now she’s a microbusiness marketing consultant, helping businesses with fewer than 5 employees create dynamic marketing campaigns on the cheap. She works from her laptop on her couch, surrounded by goldfish crackers and Lego, and she’s never been happier. Click here to get in touch via the Ninjas.

Jamie – The Tech Geek

JamieJamie grew up in a normal suburban household. Dad worked at a bank and Mom stayed home. Jamie is the voice of reason and the balance to Naomi’s occasional overenthusiastic flights of fancy. After several years of working in the same bank as his Dad, Jamie got a job at a satellite television company and found his true love. Now he’s gone back to school to get his Tech Geek PhD, a degree in Computer Programming. Click here to get in touch via the Ninjas.

Jack – The Not-So-Silent Partner

JackSince our conference table is also our breakfast table, you’ll often find Jack throwing oatmeal during business meetings. Jack is a Virgo. He likes bananas and electronic equipment. He dislikes pants and large dogs. Jack would appreciate it if you did not contact him — he is too busy eating remote controls and planning world domination to respond in a timely fashion.

Why does IttyBiz exist?

The short answer is that Naomi loves everything to do with writing, little businesses, and marketing. Jamie thought it was easier to just let her blog about it instead of constantly rambling while he’s trying to study. Little did he know, this site gave her more to ramble about, not less.

When did you start IttyBiz?

IttyBiz sprang out of our marketing business, Itty Bitty Marketing, which has been going on for a few years. This site started in October 2007.