Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to contact IttyBiz, here’s how to do it.

How to email me:

Okay, let me rephrase that. You can email us by emailing the Ninjas. The amount of email coming through here has increased to the point of WHOA, so the percentage of emails I respond to personally is quite small.

If you have technical or product issues, or desperate questions along those lines, the Ninjas are your best buddies. You can get them at [email protected].

Please remember that we deal with an enormous amount of email on a daily basis — so if you can find it in your heart to be understanding and patient, you will receive some excellent karma. No doubt!

3 comments on “Contact Us”

  1. We may not have freedom in choosing many of our responsibilities but we always have freedom in choosing how we meet them. IttyBiz is the essence of your rather excellent choice.

  2. Hey Naomi,
    Let me say one thing, “You Rock” no “You Fucking Rock!” Could you hear tone in that? It has been something I have been lacking the past six months while contemplating a career change verses staying in school when having to worry if I am going to do a Bambi at the end of a long wobbly walk from where my car is parked.
    Oh by the way, “I do get it.” thanks for the entry before this one I did also take it so personal.
    There is nothing like great writing but marketing it is one thing. Please don’t drop this blog when you move we love it and no I don’t have a mouse in my pocket I just know I am not alone in saying it. I have been trying my best not to be passive when I write.
    It does not take much for my wife to think someone is going to come by my house and burn it down because of what I say about IM Gurus. My WordPress blog was taken down because Guru told me I could not use my Amazon.com Affiliate link.

    Thanks for opening my eyes.

    When you get settled into you new place either I will have made it by then or I will need what you have to offer swear words and all. LOL

    Sorry for the ramble.

    Thanks in advance
    Michael E Cantone

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