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Email Marketing

How To Make Money From Your Out-Of-Office Email

How To Make Money From Your Out-Of-Office EmailsDid you know you could use your out-of-office emails to make more sales of your products and services, increase awareness of the kinds of things you sell, and increase the respect that your potential customers and clients have for you?

I’m going to guess no. If so, you’re in good company because I never thought of an out-of-office email as being a business-growing tool until I received this little gem from IttyBiz customer Alli Worthington.

So I’m going to show you her out-of-office email, tell you all the little ways it sets her up for potential growth, and then you can use that as a template for building an out-of-office email that can help your business grow, too.

Let’s begin.

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How To Make Money From Your Email Signature

How To Make Money From Your Email SignatureEvery month or so, I revisit my email signature to see if there’s a tweak or two that I can make to help bring in more writing clients and drive sales to the Karma Store. I usually don’t do much – just a slight adjustment to encourage people to pay more attention to what’s in my signature and (hopefully!) decide to click on the links inside.

These tweaks seems to be working – since I started doing these monthly signature adjustments, I’ve seen a small but noticeable uptick in clients and Karma Store sales.

I wish people paid more attention to what’s in their email signature, because it’s one of the most effective ways to build awareness for what you sell and differentiate yourself from other businesses. You can make very good money over time from even a marginal investment in crafting a good signature.

However, most people just treat their signature like a business card. It’s either boring and unmemorable, or it’s packed full of so much information that nothing stands out. So the people who could be developing interest in what you sell… don’t.

You deserve better than that. I’d love for you to have an email signature that gets people to pay attention, think about what you sell, and take some kind of action that brings them closer to buying from you.

Here’s what you need to know.

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7 Ways To Use A Name In An Email Without Looking Like A Robot

7 Ways To Use A Name In An Email Without Looking Like A RobotAdding someone’s name to an email – whether it’s in the subject line or the email itself – can be a powerful way to connect with your audience.

Unless… it looks too much like what everyone else is doing.

  • “Special offer for you, Traci!”
  • “An important offer just for Joshua”
  • “Don’t miss this incredible deal, Sophia!”

Once everyone got on board the personalization train, they started using the same templates and patterns over and over again. Now it’s just too easy to tune out once you realize “Oh, they’re doing that “insert my name” thing.

You don’t want people tuning out your emails.

So let’s look at a few ways to use people’s names in your emails without looking like you’re a robot stuffing people’s names in just for the sake of it.

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