20 Business Questions Answered In 10 Words Or Less(Note from Kris: This was the last blog post Naomi was working on before she retired and set up the Karma Store. It was based on recent client and customer questions she'd received – I thought you might like to see this! <3)

How often can I launch a new product?

It depends on your price point.

Are you going to say more than that, or are you cheating with the word count thing?

Sigh. Busted.

  • Tiny $ = whenever.
  • Small $ = monthly.
  • Medium $ = quarterly.
  • Big $ = yearly.

How long should my launch be?

Four days to two weeks.

How often should I mail during launch?

Daily, or every other day. Twice on the last day.

What’s a good open rate?

These days? Around 20%.

How big does my list have to be before I can start reliably making money?

For most people, about 1000.

Do I need a blog?


Do I need to be on social media?

God, no.

Can I have your permission to quit social media right now?


How often should I email my list?

Between daily and twice a month. Monthly for service providers.

What time is best to send emails?

Whenever. I like 8 AM to 10 AM.

How long should my emails be?

Doesn’t matter. At all. AT ALL.

How often can I run a promotion for a sale?

More than once a month is pushing it.

Do I actually need a VA?


OK, but when do I NEED a VA?

As soon as you go full-time. Sooner is better, though.

How long should my refund period be?

30 to 60 days. Longer is great. Shorter is not cool.

Should I buy that big, expensive course thing by that cool person I admire?

As long as you’re comfortable with the refund policy, sure.

How much should I pay for hosting?

As much as you can afford.

Do I have to be passionate about my business or business idea?

Hell, no. It’s usually easier if you’re not. Because objectivity.

What are the three most important skills or traits in business?

  1. Endurance
  2. Adaptability
  3. Self-compassion.

In that order.

What’s your favourite business book?

The Four Agreements. Runners up: Purple Cow and The Dip.


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