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Build a big, responsive list (in the way that's most fun for you.)

List Explosion is different – way different – from any list-building course you've seen before.


Other courses give you a rigid formula for list-building that doesn't take into account the fact that you might not be okay with doing the things that are part of that formula.

List Explosion is different. Inside this course, you'll learn 4 powerful strategies for massive list growth that can each be used on their own (or combined in a mix-and-match way that lets you “cherry pick” the parts you like best). And that means…

This class will make list-building fun and exciting for you.

No matter where you're starting from, List Explosion can get you a bigger list.

The advanced list-building campaigns inside List Explosion can work for you – regardless of your situation or circumstances, whether you're a seasoned veteran or complete newbie. This class has been designed from the ground up to get you results fast.

Even if you’re just starting your list now.

Even if you’re just starting your website now!

Even if you’re rebranding.

Even if you switched providers and lost every name you have.

Even if you pulled a Charlie Sheen and went totally off the rails.

Even, if right now, you’re only getting one subscriber a month.

These campaigns are designed to work for everybody, in any industry.

If you sell FURNACES, at least one of these strategies is going to work for you.

And in List Explosion, I’m going to give you a full action plan for each one of them.

Advanced strategies (for big growth!)

List Explosion is an advanced list-building intensive where you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of four market-proven strategies for adding thousands of people to your email list – fast.

(And you won’t have to do anything gross.)

I’ve designed these techniques so that you can use them any way you want. You can pick one strategy and put all of your focus there. But you can also mix and match them, doing what’s best for your brand, your content, and your resources.

It’s like a capsule wardrobe – no matter how you do it, you can’t do it wrong.

(Everything in this course assumes that you’re busy, you’re on a budget, and you don’t have a bunch of little clones to do all the work for you.)

Complete with step-by-step instructions, templates, checklists and more, you’ll have everything you need to get your list growing fast today – and every day.


  • 100% self-paced – you can go through the entire course at your own pace
  • No shady marketing tactics – you can tell your mother what you're up to if you want
  • DIY strategies for every budget and skill level – no big bankrolls or tech wizardry required

What will you learn in List Explosion?

I'll show you.

Strategy #1: The London Blitz

The basic philosophy of The London Blitz is this: Be everywhere, all at once.

You can start huge and be EVERYWHERE, or you can build up to whatever your time allows. Either way, with a London Blitz, a certain community (or a set of funnel or satellite communities) sees you and your content with such regularity that you become a constant, or a fixture.

When you're running a London Blitz, it's a marketer's dream come true – people see you over and OVER and OVER.

It's social proof – they're seeing you everywhere, so people must be paying attention to you. It's multiple exposures to a message or brand. It takes engagement with readers and fans through the roof.

That's what we call resonance – the multiplying effect that multiple exposures across different websites or platforms has. (It's like when you're in the checkout line and you see a new actress on the cover of five magazines at once. You think, “Who is that?”)

And it also draws new subscribers in through FOMO, or “Fear Of Missing Out” – what other cool stuff have you got up your sleeve that I will not hear about if I don’t sign up?

The London Blitz is a powerful force, and it’s accessible to anyone who can make content consistently. I see you one place, cool. A second place, cool. A third place, cool. A fourth, a fifth, a sixth, a seventh? All cool. But somewhere along the line, you go from someone I’ve seen a few times and become someone who’s everywhere.

This strategy is great for:

  • Ambitious growth goals
  • Fast movers who want fast results
  • Connectors & mavens
  • Experts with a lot to say
  • New list-builders who want to splash on to the scene

Strategy #2: The Royal Treatment

The basic philosophy of The Royal Treatment is this: Give visitors SO much more than they came to you for.

In this strategy, we take “content upgrades” to a more advanced level and show you how to make high-converting, highly shareable “strategic content upgrades“.

If you've never heard of a content upgrade before, they're customized opt-in incentives offered within a piece of content. Like, I write a blog post about 10 ways to get more traffic from Twitter, and at the end, I offer you some related PDF or report or downloadable doodad in exchange for your email address.

The logic here is that while less than 1% of people who visit your website may be interested in “signing up for your list” or getting your generic opt-in incentive, if I’m on a page about a specific thing, the chances that I will be interested in an upgraded version of that thing are high.

10, 20, or even 50% opt-in rates are not unheard of, if you do your content upgrade right. Since we would all prefer a 50% signup rate to 1% signup rate, content upgrades are hot like toast right now.

The Royal Treatment is about how to do strategic content upgrades the RIGHT way, so that your offerings catch readers (pleasantly) by surprise and are presented in a way that makes signing up for your list the best thing that's happened to them all day.

This strategy is great for:

  • Creative content producers
  • Long-game thinkers
  • Coaches, teachers & trainers
  • Highly competitive markets

Strategy #3: The Rising Tide

The basic philosophy of The Rising Tide is this: Every little bit counts.

At some points in your business evolution, it might feel like there’s way too much to do. You’re getting hit from all sides with what you should be doing to improve your digital marketing initiatives, and your list of “things you should be doing” is far out- weighing the number of hours in your day.

That’s where the Rising Tide comes in.

If you’ve got an existing web presence – no matter how small or neglected – you’re going to want to clean that up and get it running like you know it can. You’ll feel better. You’ll feel like you’re putting your best foot forward.

But! If you make your improvements strategically, in a proven order, you can have all that and more – you can have the added bonus of experiencing significant list growth, and the sales that go with it – at the same time.

The Rising Tide is about strategically chosen and planned improvements, across the board, to create an influx of new subscribers. We turn the trickle into a flood – doing the stuff we should probably be doing anyway.

There are two stages to a Rising Tide campaign:

Stage one is everything to do with your list. You optimize your incentive, your sign-up process, your headline, and your ad placement.

Stage two is everything else, most of which has nothing to do with your mailing list. You improve your list stuff, so that it’s strong and secure and ready for prime time, and then you work on the other elements in the process, in a proven order.

And the tide rises.

This strategy is great for:

  • Existing blogs / websites
  • Lovers of “consistent, linear growth”
  • Busy people
  • Tweakers & optimizers
  • When you have a long list of things you “should” be doing

Strategy #4: The Campaign Trail

The basic philosophy of The Campaign Trail is this: Go where the people are.

All throughout the internet, hundreds of millions of people are congregating in millions of places. People are reading blogs and websites and magazines. There are lots of them – lots of people, and lots of publications.

And if you’re conscious and strategic about it, you can get in front of those people, make them an irresistible offer, and then they can become your people, too.

Create just-right offers and put them in front of just-right audiences, and you can grow a targeted email list very quickly indeed.

It seems like “guest post lots” (or “interview lots”, if that’s what you’re going for) is a fairly intuitive approach. Get stuff out there, good things happen.

But a Campaign Trail strategy is a deep dive on what “stuff ” you’re getting out there, and what “good things” you’re consciously engineering to happen.

I'll cover what you should post, where you should post it, and what kind of offers to make for the highest conversion – so that when you go out on your own Campaign Trail, you'll get the most out of every bit of your efforts.

You could be only a couple of days away from a VERY healthy spike in sign-ups. With growth like this, you might just get hooked.

This strategy is great for:

  • People starting from scratch
  • Low budget list growth
  • Rebranding initiatives
  • When you want to make a splash

And, yes. You get 3 great bonuses, too.

BONUS #1 – 5 Ways To 50 Subscribers a Day

For when you’re ready to go really big, I’ve custom created 5 unique action paths for truly explosive growth, based on YOUR strengths and preferences.

Are you more of a Social Butterfly, or a Reclusive Writer? I’ve got action paths for both, and more.

BONUS #2 – Email Templates for Immediate Sales

List growth is great. Big list growth is better. Big list growth with big passive income to go with it is probably the best of all.

I’ve included a full batch of email templates to help you start making money immediately after a subscriber signs up.

BONUS #3 – How To Make A Perfect “Tripwire”

You can make big money from small products – and “tripwires” are some of the best options for getting people to make their very first purchase from you.

I'll tell you what to do to make the kind of tripwire product that appeal to new and existing subscribers alike, and that converts at a rate that will add real money to your bank account.

Building a big list doesn't have to be hard.

The strategies, tactics, templates and resources inside List Explosion will take all the guesswork out of building your list to whatever size you want it to be.

Yes, it's work, but it doesn't have to be hard work. It can be the kind of work that makes you feel motivated and excited, because you're seeing results every day. It can be the kind of work that makes you feel smarter, more capable, and more successful.

List Explosion can make that happen for you.

When you know what strategies are right for you, moving forward becomes easier.

When you know the tactics that increase conversion, you get more signups with every piece you put into place.

When you're using proven strategies that get visible results, list-building becomes more motivating because your activity is paying off every day.

Are you ready for it to get easier?

Frequently Asked Questions :)

What’s the format of List Explosion?

List Explosion contains 6 easy to follow training modules – each available in both audio and text format. (A theory has been posed that I always offer a text-only version of my classes because, as a Canadian, I have a funny way of saying “about”. I neither confirm nor deny this rumor.)

I’m starting from scratch. Like… from SCRATCH. Will List Explosion work for me?

Yes, List Explosion starts wherever you are. Different campaigns work best for different circumstances, and different strengths and preferences. If you’re starting from absolute scratch, I’d recommend a Royal Treatment or a Campaign Trail. (If you start with a Campaign Trail, you don’t even need to have a website – it can be done just as easily with only a landing page.)

I already have a decent list. Can I still take this class?

Yes. I go through these steps with clients who are starting with nothing, and those who already have a mailing list of 15,000 people. The core of the course is teaching the London Blitz, the Royal Treatment, the Rising Tide and the Campaign Trail, so even if you have an existing list, this class will show you how to turn it into a much bigger one.

Do I need tech skills?

No. I would never suggest that you do anything I wouldn’t do myself. Given that I do not have tech skills, you’re safe. If you can remember to breathe, remind yourself that you’re not stupid, and take things one step at a time, none of the technical elements of List Explosion will be above your level.

Do I need design skills?

You don’t need design skills, but you will need a healthy respect for good design. If you want to DIY the design elements of your List Explosion campaigns, it’s nothing above the skill level of an enthusiastic beginner.

(If you’re DIYing it and you need to brush up your design skills, I’d recommend the design school at It’s free, and I found it very helpful.)

Do I need to purchase other things to build my list?

Most of what I teach in List Explosion has free, DIY options. I will make some suggestions for low-cost purchases, most of which cost less than $30. In theory, you can do everything in List Explosion for free, although a little bit of money might make the process move faster.

Do I have to be a great writer?

Writers at all stages of skill and confidence are welcome. Almost all of the critical elements of the class come with pre-written templates or examples, so if you’re not confident in your writing skills, you are welcome to use my templates. That’s what they’re there for.

If you take the first step today, this can be your year to grow a bigger list.

There will be a day in your future when your list is growing faster than you could ever expect it to.

When you routinely see a number of daily subscribers that makes you say “I'm finally there.”

When you can breathe easy because your list is big enough to support all of your goals.

“Future You” is going to be very happy with how you made that happen. :)

But! You have to start making it happen now.

That's the only way to get there.

Until you take that first step, you can't bring “Future You” into your life.

List Explosion is your first step.

Once you register, you get lifetime access to the campaign materials – the training, the templates, and the bonuses – which are all designed to make this class pay for itself (many times over).

No matter where you are now, you can do this. You can have a bigger list – starting now.

Future You is waiting for you to take the first step.

All you need to do is get started today.

Pick up List Explosion today – (and get your list growing fast!)

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