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Does setting your prices feel really hard? Here’s an easy alternative.

Naomi!Roughly one-third of the consulting calls I do revolve around pricing. What should my class cost? How much should I charge my clients? Can I really price my product like this?

Pricing can feel really hard sometimes. There’s a whole lot wrapped up in it.

There’s self-worth and impostor syndrome. There’s what your competitors are charging. There’s this weird disconnect between what we feel comfortable spending as the consumer, and what we feel comfortable charging as a seller.

Nobody taught us how to think about pricing like objective people. That’s what makes the whole process so damn hard.

Can we just skip all of that and make it easier already?

I made something for you. It’s called Plug & Play Pricing.

The purpose of this product is twofold:

One, I want you to be able to set your prices easily and confidently so that you can feel good asking people to pay them.

Two, because we both know you're going to want to raise your prices at some point.

We're going to take care of both of those things, right here, once and for all.

Want to feel good about your prices? Want to raise them? We can do that. :)

Let’s get to the details, shall we?

Everything's easier with a template.

There are two ways people set pricing for whatever it is they sell.

One, they look at the market. They look to the environment around them and try and figure out how their offering stacks up against all the others, and after collecting a lot of data and crunching a lot of numbers, they arrive at the price they think the market can bear.

Two, they look at the thing they’re selling. They figure out its inherent worth, or they figure out how they want to position it to sell at a certain price, and once they’ve done the soul searching and the market research and figure out their positioning, they arrive at the price they like.

These are the two ways people set pricing.

But either way can be really hard, because of the work involved and the second-guessing. (Oh, the second-guessing.)


You could do it the easy way.

You can set your prices without all that soul-searching or endless number crunching if you can just work from some simple templates.

That’s what Plug & Play Pricing is all about.

It’s a recipe book, with the most-simplified-possible approach to setting your prices you can imagine.

Just follow a few easy steps, fill in some blanks, and you’ll have pricing you feel 100% confident about.

So! If pricing feels hard to you now, get ready for it to start feeling easy.

Here’s how we’ll make it happen for you.

Plug & Play Pricing is – for reals – the easiest way figure out your prices (before bedtime).

Again, I have two goals for you.

One, I want you to be able to set your prices easily and confidently so that you can feel good asking people to pay them.

Two, I want it to be easy and stress-free to raise your prices if and when the time comes..

So I’ve designed each component in the Plug and Play Pricing system to make both of those goals easily achievable – and something you can start on instantly. (Setting your prices should never feel like a big, complicated project.)

No lengthy market research, no hard decisions, just specific, detailed recipes that show you what to consider to set your prices so they work for you and your customers.

It’s called Plug & Play for a reason. :)

And just like a recipe – you can just cut straight to the setting-your-prices part, now.

Here’s what you’ll find in your copy of Plug & Play Pricing.

The Plug & Play Pricing Manual

In this document, I’m going to walk you through how to set your prices as a solopreneur – and, specifically, how to set prices you can feel confident about.

I'll tell you how pricing is different for an ittybiz, and what you need to consider that larger companies don't.

I'll walk you through the 3 components of pricing and you'll see just how simple it can be.

Then, I'll explain how each of the two plug and play pricing approaches work.

By the end you'll know which one is the best fit for you, and you'll know exactly what to do to arrive at the price point you feel good about.

What could be more Plug & Play than that?

The Pricing Calculator Spreadsheet

The next part is the pricing spreadsheet.

You’ll use this to figure out how to price EVERYTHING you currently sell (and may sell in the future) so that you can hit the income goals that are important to you.

The spreadsheet comes with an instructional guide where I’ll walk you through what numbers to plug in via an example of how I would personally use it if I needed to re-figure out my pricing.

This spreadsheet is not complicated. Frankly, once you go through the guide you’ll probably feel some relief because you’ll never have to stress about pricing again.

Determining What The Market Can Bear

One of the questions I get a lot is “How high CAN I set my prices, realistically?”.

A lot of people want to minimize the amount of work they have to do, or the number of products they have to sell, and the answer to this question is important to them.

(This is especially true if the thing they’re selling is a bit unique, and has a high value to the people buying it.)

In this guide, I’ll walk you through a slightly different pricing formula that you can use when you’re feeling that maybe-just-maybe you want to sell something at a more premium price point.

7 Steps To Raising Your Prices

When it comes to raising your prices, it can seem like there are either a lot of steps, or no steps.

On one level, it feels like there’s a TON we have to do to get ready for the change – notifying current customers, getting our branding in order, maybe even getting a new, spiffy website and marketing collateral.

On the other level, you’ve got comedians like me telling you all you need to do is log in to WordPress, change the number after the dollar sign, and you’re good to go.

So which is it? Are there a ton of steps, or none?

Truth be told, it’s both. Because raising prices is both a psychological and an administrative act, there are two sides to the equation.

In this guide I’ll explain it all, so when you want to raise your prices, you’ll be ready to do it right.

Can I interest you in a bonus, while we’re here?

Email Templates For Raising Your Prices

One of the things that makes people put off raising their rates, whether it’s for products or services, is they just don’t know what to say. People can stay stuck for years (and I’ve seen this happen) because figuring out how to break the news to current clients is just too emotionally difficult.

I’ve put together this list of templates for you to help overcome that obstacle and make the act of announcing rate changes something you can do with confidence – even if you end up raising your rates frequently.

Inside, you'll discover my 6 Rules For Every Email About Price Increases, and

the templates you can use for 4 different price-increasing strategies.

Now you know everything that’s inside.

Come! See how easy setting (or raising!) your pricing can be with these templates at your side.


Today is a great day to make pricing easy, forever.

You have so many more important things to do than be held back by pricing decisions. Once you know what your prices should be – or you’ve finally raised them if they’re too low at the moment – you can get on with running a great business.

Getting your prices sorted out makes your business life so much better – when you know that you’re charging what you’re worth, and your prices are in line with your goals, everything just starts coming together.

But you can’t get to that point if it’s too hard to figure out where your prices should be.

That’s why we’re going to do it the easy way from now on. :)

Download Plug & Play Pricing today, and figuring out what pricing should be for everything you sell will be as easy as following a recipe.

And you can start right now.

Downloading is easy – just click the button below.

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