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Let’s make email marketing way easier – no matter what kind of business you run.

Naomi!Holy hell, do people ever agonize about their subject lines. From what you hear from marketing bloggers, everything has to be JUST RIGHT… or you're going to fail, hard.

I'm going to have to step in and be the voice of reason here.

You're not going to fail at email marketing by not being an expert on subject lines. You just have to be relatively good enough, and relatively thoughtful about what you put in your subject line so that people will want to open your email.

You can do amazingly well… just being “good enough”.

But “good enough” is a place that can take a while to get to, especially if you're not feeling confident about your marketing skills.

So can I offer you a short-cut?

You can take a few years off your learning curve and start sending open-worthy emails starting right now – and feel confident every single time you click “send”.

How are we going to swing that?

With a specially-crafted set of templates and how-to-use-them instructions that will make subject lines a level of easy that you've never seen before.

And no matter what kind of business you run, no matter what industry you're in, you can use ALL of them without reservation.

Shall we discuss?

Everything's easier with a template.

Subject lines are simply statements that make people pay attention to you, or to some fact they might want to take action on.

You use them in conversation EVERY DAY.

“Hey, can I tell you a funny joke I heard?” Attention to you.

“The mall is going to close in 20 minutes.” Attention to facts.

“I just thought of a cool idea for date night.” Attention to you.

“There's a new movie coming out this weekend you might like.” Attention to facts.

You say things this all the time. In real life, you already have a million templates for how to say the things you want to say that work perfectly well for communicating whatever it is you want people to hear.

You learned how to do this as a child by listening to how people talk.

With email, it's no different. You're just getting attention by phrasing things in a certain way.

The one difference with email is that it's not face-to-face, so you can't always use the phrases you'd use in real life. Plus, most of the people you're talking to are strangers.

You want to know why subject lines and “what to send people” feel like hard decisions? Because you don't get what phrasing feels appropriate to the situation.

That's what these templates are about.

We’re going to get you crazy good at this, crazy fast.

And then you’ll never have to think about subject lines again. You’ll just always know what to say.

You’re going to get 50 field-tested, people-actually-open-them subject line templates pulled from the inboxes of myself and my customers – and easy instructions on how to modify them to work with your list and your audience.

Once you read them through, the answer to “What should my subject line be” will be obvious and easy, because you'll get it.

And it will be just like making conversation with a friend.

(Except sometimes there's money at the end.)

Plug & Play Subject Lines is designed to boost your open rate and make it easy to consistently mail your list.

My goal is for you to be able to glance quickly through these templates and instantly know what to say, and exactly how you should say it.

This will end your email paralysis, because you won’t be sheepishly looking at the floor thinking that you can’t figure out what to say. The templates will give you the angle for your email, even if you’re starting from scratch. The templates themselves can give you the idea for a great email to send your list.

This will probably boost your open rate as well, because you’ll be using phrasing that people are used to seeing in emails that successfully catch their attention. Every template was sourced from emails that either caught MY attention, or were submitted to me by customers when I asked them what emails were irresistible opens for them.

(Another thing that can boost your open rate will be mailing more frequently. When emails are easier to send, you can send them more frequently and consistently, which leads to you staying top-of-mind. It’s a virtuous cycle.)

And you don’t have to spend a week learning how to do it, either – I’ve designed each component of Plug & Play Subject Lines to make it easy to start using within 1 hour of opening the package.

It’s a recipe book combined with a few additional resources that take all the thinking and all the complication right out of the process.

No lengthy training, no hard decisions, just specific, detailed templates that show you what to say, and tell you how to say it.

It’s called Plug & Play for a reason. :)

And just like a recipe – you can just cut straight to the getting-it-done part, every time.

Here’s what you’ll find in your copy of Plug & Play Subject Lines.

51 Plug & Play Subject Lines (With Instructions)

You’ll receive templates for 51 different subject lines that have proven to be winners at getting people to open the email (and be happy the did – no sneaky tricks involved). These are the kinds of email that people find easy and interesting to open, whether those people have been on your list for years, or just joined today and don’t know you from Adam.

Each template comes with two parts.

First, there’s my explanation on why it works. I’ve studied and practiced marketing throughout my entire life, and I can tell you exactly why each particular subject line succeeds at getting the open.

I’ll tell you why it works in a way that will immediately make sense, and stick with you instantly and forever. I’ll also tell you about the subtle bits that make this subject line particularly good, so you’ll really know how to adjust the template any way you like and still keep it strong.

This gives you a lot of flexibility – you have tons of leeway in changing this word or that word to your liking, and you’ll intuitively know why it will still work.

Next are the examples.

For each and every template, I’ll show you a few examples of how this subject line could work for different people, different industries, and different purposes.

This way you’ll get a starter point to work with, so you won’t have to picture it in your head. You’ll see how different people can use the template, and combined with the background information you’ll have learned, making your own version will be easy as can be.

You can use these templates two ways:

  • You can look through the templates and pick the one that looks best for the email you want to send, or
  • You can use the templates to give you ideas for what kind of emails to send – and let the examples create your email for you.

What could be more Plug & Play than that?

That covers the templates. Next up:

The “10 by 10” Subject Line Walkthrough

I’ve had people tell me that this little resource is their go-to for almost all of their emails – they just print it up and keep it nearby and it takes care of pretty much every email they send.

Here’s what it’s all about: In this walkthrough, you’ll see me take an ordinary subject line template and rework it 10 separate ways, so you can see just how flexible the original template really is.

Then I'll do that again and again, for different templates.

It’s amazing how you can take one template and – with a few little tweaks, make it look completely different while having the exact same effect of making someone want to open the email.

What’s cool about this is that because the tweaks make the subject lines look so different, you can get so much more mileage out of the templates you like the most, and you’ll never look repetitive.

You’ll see me do this for 10 different subject line templates – I’ll rework all 10 of them in 10 different ways, and show you exactly how easy it is to make amazingly effective subject lines with almost no effort at all.

Realistically? You could actually steal these outright, and just plug your words in, and you’ll be good to go for a long, long time.

So, what’s next?

Your Personal Swipe File Spreadsheet

When I set out to create this product, I wanted to make sure every subject line template was a winner.

So I asked my list to send me their favorite subject lines, the ones that made them click to read the email without giving it a second thought.

Many people on my list simply plucked them from their personal “swipe file” – a collection of subject lines they already had set aside to reuse or modify for their own emails.

If you don’t have a swipe file set up for yourself, you should – it makes life much easier down the road. So I’m including a spreadsheet that you can use to save emails that arrive in your inbox and get your attention in ways that make you think you’ve got a real winner on your hands.

Using the spreadsheet is simple – when you see a great subject line arrive in your inbox, just pop it in the spreadsheet, and it will be there waiting for you to reuse or modify whenever you need it.

Dude, you don’t even have to make your own spreadsheet. Plug, play, and email gets easy just like that.

The High-Conversion Sales Email Masterclass

One more thing – you’re also going to get a special email masterclass that will walk you through the 6 parts of a sales email, and how to nail each part.

(It also comes with a transcript, but watch the video anyway, if just for the cat pictures.)

In this masterclass, I’ll cover what you need to consider every time you send an email you want to make money from, whether it’s a flash sale, a full-out product or course launch, or just a garden-variety promotion.

When you send sales emails – any and every one of them – I want you to know what’s going to help you get the open, get the click, and make the sale.

Watch the video, and I’ll tell you what works. It’ll be fun times.

Can I interest you in a bonus, while we’re here?

As mentioned earlier, you’re going to get a swipe file template that you can use to capture winning subject lines whenever they cross your (virtual) desk.

I’d like to start you off as best I can, though, so I’ll give you something else that can help you out… my own personal swipe file.

Almost 900 subject lines, ready for you to use as templates any time you want to.

Give them a read, and you’ll see just how many possibilities are waiting for you to send emails that your list will open the second they see them.

And once you read through the Subject Line Library, and take a peek at the 10 by 10 Walkthrough, you’ll know how to modify and reuse every one of them without a second thought.

Enjoy the swipe file. (I know I sure have.)

Now you know everything that’s inside.

Download links are below.

Come! See how easy email can be with these templates at your side.


Today is a great day to make email easy, forever.

It’s my goal that these templates make it so you never have to think about email, ever again. You can just do it, as easy as brushing your teeth or turning on the coffemaker.

The emails you send to your list are some of the most important elements in growing your business, making sales, and getting people to tell others that you’re worth paying attention to.

But you can’t do all that if emails are a pain to think of and create.

That’s why we’re going to do it the easy way from now on. :)

Download Plug & Play Subject Lines today, and all your emails – forever more – will be as easy as following a recipe.

And you can start right now.

Downloading is easy – just click the button below.

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