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Product In A Weekend

You could have a new product up for sale, making you money, faster than you think.

Naomi!If you're thinking about making e-books, workshops, digital downloads or other information products, can I talk to you for a minute?

If you want to get your first product out there…

If you want to have an easy way to create new products, any time you want to…

If you want to fill your store with products that people can buy from you every day of the week…

…then you could probably use a system that makes product creation as easy as humanly possible.

For the most part, making a product isn't hard to do at all. What's hard is the stuckness that happens when you're not sure what you're supposed to put in it (or worse, where you'll find the time to actually make the thing!).

Would you like to get unstuck?

Would you like to have a clear and simple plan for your product, one so perfect that creating it only takes a few days?

You can have that. (Even if you've been “stuck” forever.)

You could have a product outlined, created, and ready to sell in just a few days.

I've put a little kit together to help you do exactly that.

It's called Product In A Weekend.

Wanna see how it works?

I'll show you. :)

There's a really simple way to make products people love to buy (that I wish I knew when I started…)

I'll start with a confession.

I didn’t always take the easy way. (Far from it, actually.)

For the first several years of my career, I made huge products that took forever to create. They took weeks, months… one time, even an entire calendar year.

Those weeks and months were terrible.They were made up of stress, and long days, and exhaustion. I had a little kid at home who wanted to play and I was leaving the computer exhausted. Exciting opportunities crossed my desk and I didn’t have the energy to follow up. I laid in bed at night thinking about what I had to work on tomorrow.

It sucked.

One day, a few years ago, I got an email from a good friend and customer. He wanted to give me congratulations on a recent product launch. Here’s the email:

I followed up. Why did my new product make him cry?

His none-too-tactful response?

“Same reason they always do. Daunt. Dread. Fear. Exhaustion. The usual suspects.”

This left me speechless.

My first thought was, “You think my products are exhausting to YOU? Imagine what it was like for ME!”

My next? “Oh my God, my customers think these things are exhausting as I do!”

I was dumbfounded. I was killing myself to make these epic tomes, and the words one of my BEST customers used to describe them were daunt, dread, fear, and exhaustion? I thought I was killing myself to do them a favor. It turned out I was killing them, too, while I was at it.

Remember that part in the second Twilight book, when Edward breaks up with Bella and the next several pages are blank? She just did nothing for four months, so September is blank and October is blank and November is blank, and so on?

That’s about what I did.

My next product, once I came out of my “blank” months, was a little smaller, a little more focused. It was scary to break from the way I’d always done it, but feedback was good.

My product after that was even more focused, even more direct. Still scary. Feedback was better.

I made one more product, intending it to be the most fluff-free thing I could possibly create. I narrowed and narrowed and narrowed some more, to see exactly how streamlined I could make both the creation and consumption processes.

I became afraid I’d gone too far. Was it too streamlined? Was there no “there” there? Would people feel they hadn’t got their money’s worth?

I held my breath and launched.

I had nine glowing testimonials by the end of the business day.

Customers said things like…

  • “so much simpler than your older stuff…”
  • “I felt I could really use this one…”
  • “It seemed you made this workshop specifically for me.”
  • “I was so excited to get started…”
  • “I’ve already used two of the tactics you mentioned in the bonus…”

OK, then. Lesson learned.

There is a place for big products. There is a place for intensives. There is a place for significant, impressive pieces of intellectual property that take months or years to create.

And there is a place for easy-to-use, easy-to-create products that your customers will buy now, use now, and love now.

This little workshop is about making the latter.

I call them “gateway products.”

And they can change your business forever.

Once you have “gateway products”, making money becomes so much easier.

Inside Product In A Weekend, you're going to learn the process I use to make simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-create products, classes and workshops.

These are “gateway products” – simple, easy to buy products that are insanely good for pulling in first-time customers – as well as “reactivating” existing buyers and turning them into life-long repeat buyers.

You can now get my process for creating “gateway products”…

products you can easily sell to new visitors – as well as to your current audience – without ever having to do a “hard sell” – not even once.

Product In A Weekend.

Getting a simple, affordable product up for sale fast has never been easier.

Product In A Weekend has everything you need to quickly and easily sketch out what to put in your product… in 60 minutes or less… giving you a HIGHLY marketable product that won't take you long to make at all.

This product planning process works – and you’ll see the proof in action, because I’ve included walkthroughs of the entire process for 4 real-life IttyBiz customers.

I picked 4 real customers at random and filled out the product planning worksheets for each of them – and you can see the results inside.

(If you’re one of them – surprise! – I’ve literally done the work for you.)

A Simple, Affordable Kit That Makes Product Creation So Much Easier.

Your Starting Point: The Super-Simple Prep Kit

You’ll start your Product In A Weekend experience with the Prep Kit – a simple, straightforward mini-training that tells you exactly how to create the kind of “gateway products” that people love to buy without thinking twice.

Inside the prep kit I’ll tell you about:

  • How gateway products work – and the best topics to create them on
  • The easy way to sell them – and how your sales pages and emails practically (and sometimes literally) write themselves
  • 4 “magic extras”– specific places in your business where you can use what you learn to grow your list, sell books, create bigger products and boost your traffic
  • Real pricing answers – the best price range for gateway products, and exactly where your product should fit in that range

Next Up:
The Product In A Weekend Workbook

Inside the Product In A Weekend Workbook I’ll step you through the simple, 4-step process that will unlock your ability to easily plan out an easy-to-market product that your audience wants you to make for them.

No matter what industry you’re in – and no matter what you’re selling – the 4 worksheets will help you:

  • Position your product with a market-ready “simple outcome”
  • Pick your product structure from a selection of 4 popular formats
  • Outline your product – from start to finish – in less than 30 minutes
  • Choose your bonuses so that your product truly is a “no brainer” purchase

The Real-Life Example Library

You won’t have to start your product plan from scratch – I’m including fully completed sets of worksheets for 4 real-life IttyBiz customers across different industries to show you how the process works by example. Take a look at them and you’ll see exactly how you can do it too!

Inside the library you’ll see fully-completed worksheets with product plans custom-designed for coaches, consultants, bloggers and professional service providers. I’ve chosen these customers from my list and filled out their worksheets to show you exactly what’s possible with Product In A Weekend.

Bonuses – Times Three!
You'll Also Get…

The Lightning-Fast Product Creation Guide

Want to cut the time it takes to make a product by 50% (or more?)

This detailed guide will give you my best strategies for minimizing the amount of time it takes to make a product – without sacrificing quality (even a little bit).

Hint: You can use these strategies to cut the time it takes to make the rest of your content, too. :)

The Easy Product Idea Roadmap

If you don't already have ideas for your next product, you're about to have plenty. :)

You'll get a simple, step-by-step roadmap where all you'll have to do is fill in the blanks, and you can generate dozens of ideas.

You could fill a whole store with the ideas you'll get from this Roadmap – and you'll have an easy-to-follow path from “here” to “all the products your audience could want to buy.”

4 “Expansion Packs” To Help You With Pricing, Bonuses, Re-Launching And Spin-Off Products

I want you to have products that bring you money every week of the year – so you'll also get four unique “expansion packs” that will build on what you learn in the Product In A Weekend system.

Using these guides, you can set up a store full of all the products you'll need – and you'll know that your pricing, positioning and product lines are set up “just right”.

  • Setting Your Price will explain how to price your new gateway products (so you and your buyers are happy with how much they cost)…
  • The “No-Brainer Bonus” Guide will help you create bonuses that are so perfectly aligned with your gateway products that buying them is a “no brainer” for your customers…
  • Creating Spin-Off Products will show you 6 specific categories of products that can sell alongside (and bundle with) your new product …
  • How To Relaunch Over And Over will show you 4 effective relaunch models you can use to relaunch your existing products again and again – without burning your list…

13 Reasons Why This May Be The Perfect Time To Pick Up Product In A Weekend…

If you want to start making your first sales… Gateway products are the easiest products to design and create (and by far the easiest to sell), so you'd be hard pressed to find a more streamlined way to start making money. You'll love how simple the Product In A Weekend workbook makes the process.

If you want to cultivate repeat buyers… Because gateway products are easy for the buyer to consume, the chances of them wanting more of them from you go way up. And since they're designed to be affordable, repeat sales are much more accessible than they'd be with higher-priced offerings.

If you want to boost passive sales…  Products made with Product In A Weekend are perfectly suited for passive sales, because they're easy to feature on blog posts, in emails and even in paid ads. The straightforward nature of gateway products means you'll never have to feel awkward about promoting again.

If you want to get more buyers from existing traffic… Already have some traffic? Or people on your list? Buyers-to-be are sitting right under your nose – people who have been waiting to buy from you, when the right offer comes along at the right price. Product In A Weekend can help you create the products they've been waiting for.

If you want to establish yourself as an expert… Expert credibility can get established pretty quickly when people see that you have one or more products available for the topics you cover. There's no faster way to create a whole batch of authority-establishing products for sale than with the Product In A Weekend process.

If you want to show people you're going places…Products are a powerful way to let your audience (and also your peers) know that you're on track for growth. When people see you come out with a new product… and another… and another… it gets more attention on you as people watch to see what you do next.

If you want to build a reputation for great products… The Product In A Weekend process helps you create products that work on the “simple outcome” model – which, by design, makes it easy for customers to feel like they had an incredibly good experience – and that helps you build a reputation for always delivering on your promises.

If you want marketing to be easier… The “simple outcome” model that you'll learn about in Product In A Weekend is also designed to be reusable for your marketing materials (sales pages, paid ads, promotional emails, etc.). You'll never have to wonder about what to say in your promotional copy – it will be intuitive and obvious.

If you want to get more people referring customers… Gateway products are easily and quickly consumable, so your buyers get to that happy “that was worth it!” place fast. Happy customers who have easy experiences are more likely to tell other people about a product – and Product In A Weekend will show you how to make that happen for you.

If you never want to fear ‘making a product' again… Read the “Super-Simple Prep Kit” in Product In A Weekend, and you'll see how easy it is to plan out and create your products. And the Expansion Packs guide you through topics like pricing, bonuses, and speeding up the creation process, so you don't have to stress about products ever again.

If you want to feel confident your product will sell… People buy products when it's crystal clear “what's inside” matches “what they want.” The Product In A Weekend process uses the “simple outcome” model for designing your product so it's drop-dead easy to communicate what's in it – and making your product very easy to sell.

If you want to get more people buying from you… The easiest way to get more people buying from you is to guarantee that the products you create are buy-worthy. Everything in the Product In A Weekend process is designed to do just that – from pricing, to outcome-driven design, to bonuses that make buying from you a “no-brainer” decision.

Come! See how easy products can be with Product In A Weekend.

The original purchase price for this program was $97 but it is now available for Pay What You Want (minimum $25) through our Kiva Donation Program. All profits from the sale of this program go directly to, a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity that helps microbusiness owners in the developing world. Meet some of the people the IttyBiz community has helped here.

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