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The Simplified Content Model: 5 Steps To Fast, Effective Content

The Simplified Content ModelRecently I had 2 clients who I write content for run into an issue – the pieces they wanted me to write about were a bit of a jumble.

As they described what they wanted in each piece, it kind of went here and there and everywhere, and it was hard to pin down the outlines for the posts.

Maybe you’ve felt that way before – you start drafting a piece, and it kind of goes all over the place, and you’re stuck and can’t make sense of it all. It happens.

But what do we do when that happens? I’ll tell you.

I have a process for streamlining content creation that results in fast outlines and quickly written, high-quality content. This is the process I use to fix jumbly posts that are difficult to nail down.

If you’ve struggled with writing content – whether it’s for your blog, YouTube channel or podcast, you can use this to make that problem go away in about 10 minutes.

I call it the Simplified Content Model, and it goes something like this.

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Customer Example: 7 Click-Worthy Content Ideas You Can Use Right Now

content-ideas-kristen-burgessRecently I was reading through a content plan from IttyBiz customer Kristen Burgess (of Natural Birth And Baby Care), and her content ideas were so well-developed and compelling I thought they’d function well as a teaching example.

So today, I’m going to walk through 7 of Kristen’s content ideas and tell you how you can adapt them to choose topics that will make people curious, interested, and ready to click on your content.

Ready? Let’s roll.

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10 Sources Of Inspiration That Always Lead To Great Blog Posts

10 Sources Of Inspiration That Always Lead To Great Blog PostsSometimes you want to write a blog post, but you’re feeling completely stuck on ideas for… well, anything.

It can be a confusing place to be, because you’re a smart person. You know your stuff – so why can’t you think of anything to write?

The reasons for your stuckness don’t really matter – because the solution is the same:

Use something external to stimulate the creative part of your brain so you can get writing again. Once you have a new idea, you’ll be ready to roll.

But where do you find these sources of inspiration to jump-start your brain?

Great question.

Here are 10 answers that can get your blog moving forward, full speed ahead.

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7 Blog Posts That Make Clients Get In Touch With You

7 Blog Posts That Make Clients Get In Touch With YouHow many new clients can you attract through your blog posts? Plenty – but only if you know what specific kinds of content will appeal to people actively looking for service providers.

Earlier, I previously covered what blog posts work best to sell your products, and today we’ll take a similar angle for clients.

I’ll walk you through 7 types of blog posts that have a higher-than-average chance of getting a potential client to decide to get in touch with you today.

Let’s take a look at them now.

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5 Great Blog Post Templates For When You (Seriously) Can’t Even

If you’re having trouble creating content in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone. Everyone is going through some level of tailspin as a result and that’s having a big impact on creativity and motivation.

And at the same time, it’s making it harder to keep your energy levels up while you’re adapting to the changes, which can really throw a monkey wrench into that whole content creation process.

We could all use something to make this easier and get that new content out there STAT.

I’ve been combing through the products in the Karma Store to dig out little nuggets of things that can make running the various aspects of your ittybiz easier, and today I have a few excerpts from Plug & Play Blog Posts to share with you.

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