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Small Business Marketing

Which Coaching Model Makes More Money?

Which Coaching Model Makes More Money?

Today’s question is the ever-common, “What will make me the most money as a coach?” question.

Mmm, money.

There are more than a few different business models out there for coaches, but it’s probably safe to say that they can be boiled down to four different ways of making money.

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What Should You Wear To Work?

What Should You Wear To Work?

Last year, we implemented a dress code at the office.

(OK, I implemented a dress code at the office. Plural is probably not appropriate here.)

I implemented a dress code and it had some cool effects and every now and again I think about writing an article about it. Then I read this article about what entrepreneurs should wear to work – and of course, as we all know, you’re only an entrepreneur when you are under 30 and attempting to sell software in California – and I thought, you know? Perhaps now is the time.

Because dressing up has provided values I couldn’t have expected – and no, Dave going on way more dates is not what I’m referring to – I want to propose the same idea to you. Kind of like A Modest Proposal for the office, except not satirically.

What if you dressed like a grown-up for work?

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6 Blogging Mistakes That Make You Look “Not Ready Yet”

6 Blogging Mistakes That Make You Look “Not Ready Yet”

So, recently we posted the 6 unbreakable rules for contact pages. There was the threat of death, and also a kitten.

Some time before that, we posted an idea of what to do if you don’t want to blog. This piece was borne of me being sick, and sad that the state of blogging is not what it once was.

Well, I’m sick again. This time it was my fault. I broke a cardinal rule, which is: When the question is, “That should be okay to eat still, right?” the answer is NO. I ate something knowing full well I was taking my life into my hands, with predictable results.

That leads me, once again, to pathetically cruising the internet looking at blogs and trying not to throw up. So, in honor of the previous posts, I give you: 6 Blogging Mistakes That Make You Look “Not Ready Yet”.

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6 Annoying Contact Page Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

Contact page mistakes

The Contact page seems like such a simple little thing, doesn’t it? You wouldn’t think that certain death was even a possibility. Well! Aren’t you glad you read IttyBiz? Let’s discuss.

We’ll start with the basics.

Do you have a website?

If so, does it have a Contact page?

If so, please go to your Contact page now and read it.

Go. Now. This will wait. The internet lasts forever. I will quietly hum in your absence.

Ok. You’re back. Good. Let’s talk business.

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Unschooling and Running A Business: 13 Lessons I’ve Learned So Far

Unschooling and Running A Business: 13 Lessons I've Learned So Far

For the beautiful Ali Luke, who requested a post about unschooling while running a business.

If we’ve never met, and you got here because some lovely unschooler forwarded this to you, hello, and welcome! I’m Naomi. I’ve been running IttyBiz since 2006, and we’re unschoolers. The boys – Jack and Michael – are 7 and 15. (Edit: They’re now 10 and 17. Whoa.)

So. Unschooling and business. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

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