12 Short & Sweet Sales Page Headlines You Can StealSales page headlines are often one of the toughest parts of copywriting, and a lot of people get stuck figuring out what to say. (And, of course, how to say it.)

This is especially true now as trends have been moving towards shorter headlines for sales pages and landing pages alike. Gone are the days where you have a long, wordy headline that tries to pack everything in – now we’re keeping it (relatively) tight, if only for mobile readers.

If you’re gearing up for a Black Friday promotion, then you may want to revisit your sales pages (on a phone even!) to see if your headlines could use some trimming – or simply some added punch.

To help you along your way, I’ve taken the liberty of explaining 12 high-performing headline formulas below – and they're based on the products in the pay-what-you-want Karma Store, so they're not theoretical. (In fact, I'm planning on replacing a number of my current headlines with the ones below.)

Take a look at them now and see if there’s one that’s a perfect fit for you and your audience.

01 – Cake + icing

This headline formula is simple: start out with a compelling outcome or benefit, then follow it with an unexpected benefit that will be the icing on the cake.


02 – Something should be something.

With this headline formula, you’re stating an ideal scenario for your customer, which your product is poised to deliver.


03 – Adverb + outcome

This simple headline formula has you start out with an adverb that sets the tone, and then states an outcome that the reader cares about. You can also spice up the outcome as you’ll see in the first and second bullets below.


04 – Something, simplified.

The ultimate in short and sweet – if your product or service simplifies a complex or thorny situation, you can make that your key selling point. Be sure to use client language for your “something” – pick a word they can identify with when they’re thinking about the topic.


05 – Something that works for this specific thing.

This headline formula uses a bit of thin slicing to connect your product or service to a specific audience or a specific purpose. Just think of who your customers are, or what the primary outcome of your offer is, and you’re good to go.


06 – A better way to do the thing.

This headline formula takes one of the primary differentiators of your product or service (Faster! Easier! Custom! Premium!) and connects it to one of the core outcomes the customer wants to experience. This especially works well when what you’re selling is solving a big problem or a hole in the market.


07 – This was designed for X.

With this headline formula, we’re thin-slicing the audience, and highlighting the fact that what you’re selling was created with one goal in mind.


08 – Less and more.

Super short and super sweet, you tell buyers there’s less of what they don’t like, and more of what they do.


09 – Something for your tribe.

More thin slicing – this time we’re associating the “tribe” or type of person they identify as being and connecting the outcome to that. Again, client language matters – you want to pick the word(s) they’ll identify with most strongly.


10 – Do this thing, within this time.

This headline formula is as direct as it gets – all you need to do is give an outcome and a timeframe.


11. Do this thing that sounds appealing.

You can use this headline formula in seconds – just say what the buyer is going to be able to do, and phrase it in a way that sounds fun or appealing. (Reversing an objection here is a good way to do it, too.)


12 – Want X? Take this action.

The ultimate in “What’s In It For Them?”, this headline formula asks the reader if they want an outcome to establish relevance, then connects them to a next action that has to do with your product / service (or the sales page itself).


Further uses for these headlines!

You can also use these headline formulas for blog posts and email subject lines if you’d like – they work great in both those arenas.

And if you’re gearing up for a Black Friday promotion, then check to see if you want to use one of these headline formulas to give your sales page some extra punch.

Good luck, and shoot me an email if you use one of these headline formulas. I’d love to see your page. :)

Take care,

Kris Faraldo

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