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Month: February 2020

7 Blog Posts That Get Your Products Selling Consistently

7 Blog Posts That Get Your Products Selling ConsistentlyWhen many people launch a product, they don’t do much to promote it afterwards. Sure, they might put it in their store, or offer it on a discount from time to time in a sale, but there’s not much going on to direct people to the fact that the product exists and is still 100% ready to purchase.

That’s kind of tragic, because there are so many easy ways to get consistent traffic to your sales pages every day of the week, without having to do any direct, overt promotion.

That’s where your content comes in. If you write the right kinds of blog posts, you can direct people to click over to your sales pages over and over again, and there’s no aggressive selling required.

All you need is a good reason to remind them your product exists, and your monthly, weekly, and even daily sales start going up.

So, about those good reasons… today we’ve got 7 of them for you.

Come take a look.

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7 Blog Posts Every Thought Leader Needs To Start Writing Now

7 Blog Posts Every Thought Leader Needs To Start Writing NowThought leaders are a unique kind of people – and they need an equally unique kind of content for their blog.

Ultimately, a thought leader wants to be seen as ahead of the masses, thinking bigger, more important thoughts than the average people in their sphere. They want to be seen as innovators, trailblazers, and… well, leaders.

So they need content that demonstrates their exceptional ability to rise above the ordinary and think on a higher level.

So, if you want to be seen as a thought leader, how do you do that?

Well, for one thing, you could take a peek at the Trailblazer Expansion Pack in The 1-Hour Content Plan (available in the Karma Store on pay-what-you-want pricing).

Additionally, you can read about 7 specific types of thought leader blog posts that you can start creating for your own blog today.

Ready to up your game on the thought leader front?

Let’s take a look at 7 options.

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What’s The Point Of Your Blog? 6 Angles To Consider

What’s The Point Of Your Blog? 6 Angles To ConsiderSometimes blogging can be a challenge – what do you write about when you can truly choose to write about anything? The infinite options can create a paradox of choice, where so many ideas sound good that you don’t know where to start.

To get around that problem, you need to decide on the point of your blog. What do you want it to accomplish? What’s the “Most Important Outcome” that you want to happen for the visitors (and repeat visitors!) that are going to come your way?

In a vacuum, it can be hard to figure that out – so here are a handful of options that can help you make the choice with confidence.

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7 Ways To Use A Name In An Email Without Looking Like A Robot

7 Ways To Use A Name In An Email Without Looking Like A RobotAdding someone’s name to an email – whether it’s in the subject line or the email itself – can be a powerful way to connect with your audience.

Unless… it looks too much like what everyone else is doing.

  • “Special offer for you, Traci!”
  • “An important offer just for Joshua”
  • “Don’t miss this incredible deal, Sophia!”

Once everyone got on board the personalization train, they started using the same templates and patterns over and over again. Now it’s just too easy to tune out once you realize “Oh, they’re doing that “insert my name” thing.

You don’t want people tuning out your emails.

So let’s look at a few ways to use people’s names in your emails without looking like you’re a robot stuffing people’s names in just for the sake of it.

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