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How To Email Your List

Today we are talking about how to communicate with the people with the money in a way that does not turn you into:

a.) an irritating pest,
b.) a marketing skeezy pants, or
c.) someone they hear from so infrequently, they don’t remember your name.

I think we can both agree that those are bad things you do not want.

But! Problems! Danger!

If you avoid C, you might end up being A or B. Everyone will hate you and mark you as spam.

If you avoid A and B, you’ll probably end up being C. Everyone will forget you and mark you as spam.

Fun, right?

Hello, rock. And hard place! What a surprise! We really must stop meeting in such close quarters like this. People will talk.

OK. Let’s get on to the good stuff.

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How To Write A Better Tagline

How To Write A Better Tagline

For whatever reasons swirl around in the collective unconscious, people freak out about getting their tagline “perfect.” (You’d think we’re naming a baby here.)

Yes, a tagline can be an important part of your brand. But it is not naming a baby. And it’s not make or break for your business. You can survive and grow even if you’ve got the worst tagline in the world.

But because a better tagline can theoretically make a difference, let’s go into how to make yours better.

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6 Things They Mean When They Say They Have No Money

6 Things They Mean When They Say They Have No Money

What if people can’t afford your product?

If you’ve been selling anything for any length of time, you get those emails.

“Oh my God, it’s so gorgeous. I wish I could afford it!”

“I don’t have the money for your Thing but, one day …”

“I’ll be keeping my eye on this until money settles down!”

Today we’re going to talk about where these emails come from, and how to deal with them.

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How To Stop Being So Goddamn Scared All The Time

How To Stop Being So Goddamn Scared All The Time

So, you’re scared. Let’s finally talk about that, shall we?

I know you’re worried. I know it feels impossible and daunting and terrifying. I know you wish someone would make it all better. We’re going to do our best to start getting you there, ok? Promise.

I’m going to talk you through this. I can’t make it all better, but I’m pretty sure I can make the fear you’re feeling a whole lot more bearable, so you can save that important part of your sanity. (The one that lets you do the things that keep food on the table.)

I’m going to take you through three steps to get the panic to go away, and I won’t make it complicated, because your head is likely already swimming.

Before we move on to the three steps, though, I have a question for you.

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