Small Business Marketing

Ask Me Anything: How Do I Break The News To My List?

Joanne asks:

Do you have any tips for what messaging to put out to your mailing list of followers when your business partner of 14yrs is moving away/leaving the enterprise (it’s a very-local nonprofit) and you’re faced with carrying on, and you just aren’t feeling the spirit right now, you’d rather curl up in your pjs and eat chocolate …

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Ask Me Anything: How Do I Bring In Money (In A Hurry)?

How do I bring in money in a hurry?
Ali asks:

“How do you bring in a chunk of money, fast (within one to two months), for a Cool Business Thing, without burning out your list (and without spending a ton of time you don’t have)? For bonus points: you’ve tried “run a sale” and the results were distinctly underwhelming.”

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