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Small Business Marketing

Ask Me Anything: How Do I Break The News To My List?

Joanne asks:

Do you have any tips for what messaging to put out to your mailing list of followers when your business partner of 14yrs is moving away/leaving the enterprise (it’s a very-local nonprofit) and you’re faced with carrying on, and you just aren’t feeling the spirit right now, you’d rather curl up in your pjs and eat chocolate …

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How To Write Blog Posts Fast: 9 Tips To Get Your Next Post Out In 45 Minutes Or Less

How To Write Blog Posts Fast

Writing blog posts is good. Taking forever to do them is not. (Hence, the reason we avoid writing them in the first place.)

If they took less time, you’d write more of them, right? Then you’re going to love these 9 tips to make every blog post you write take way less time.

Ready? Of course you are.

Let us get on with tip number one.

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