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New Interview: Listen To Me On The “Hack The Entrepreneur” Podcast

Interview - Naomi Dunford and Jon Nastor

So, here’s a surprise.

I was recently interviewed by Jon Nastor (of the Hack The Entrepreneur podcast), and he has just informed me that the podcast is up and ready to listen to.

This interview was the most fun I’ve ever had outside of Nevada. It was AWESOME. (I’m not sure if Jon would agree, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Anyway, I haven’t done an interview in 7 YEARS, so if it might entertain you to hear me get back in the interviewing saddle again, I submit this for your listening pleasure…

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Website Makeover: 12 Little Things That Make A Big Impact

Website makeover

It’s been website makeover week here. For the last week or so, I’ve been dutifully dusting and shining and fluffing the pillows of my website and social media presence.

A lot of people want to freshen up their website, but aren’t ready to commit to the sometimes gruelling process of a redesign. With spring in mind, let’s look at a few smaller things you can do to breathe some fresh life into the place.

Here are 12 low-commitment, low-or-no cost ways you can do a laser-fast website makeover…

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