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13 Rookie Launch Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

launch mistakes

When you run a launch, stakes feel remarkably high.

You want your launch to do well. You want to make a whack of money. You want to impress your list.

(And maybe also impress the people in your life who have their doubts about whether you’re going to go anywhere with your business. Perhaps. Maybe.)

You want your launch to succeed, and you don’t want to screw anything up.

But there are a lot of moving pieces to a launch. And you will screw some of them up, especially at the beginning.

As you run more and more of them, you’ll screw up less and less.

But you can also screw up less by avoiding rookie mistakes.

I’ve taken the liberty of explaining 13 of them here, so your next launch can make more money.

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When Will They Buy? (The Sales Cycle Made Easy)

sales cycles

A sales cycle is the length of time it takes a consumer to go from awareness (of a product or service or seller) to purchase.

A sales cycle is measured in two ways. We can measure a sales cycle individually (it took me three months to buy a coat). And we can measure a sales cycle as an average (it takes the average person four years to buy a hot tub).

Measuring sales cycles is always an inexact science because for most businesses, it’s hard to put the date of awareness on a calendar. But it’s good to have a basic idea of how sales cycles work – both on the individual level and on the average level – so you can manage expectations in your business.

So today, I’m going to teach you a little bit about sales cycles, give you 5 real-life examples from my coaching practice this week, and give you a few things to watch out for moving forward.

I will also show you pictures of kittens, because visual aids assist in information retention. We’ll start with this one.

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How To Stay Amazingly Productive On Low Energy Days

How To Stay Amazingly Productive Even On Low Energy Days

There are two types of days in the life of every ittybiz owner. You have your “good days”, where you stay productive, get a lot of cool shit done and it seems like everything is going great. You can’t be stopped. You’re on fire with how much you’re doing, and how easy it feels.

Then there are your “bad days”, when you just can’t even. Your energy is low, you can’t seem to think straight, and no matter how many items were on your to-do list, they all seem to still be there – undone – when the day is over.

(And somehow, you’re still feeling tired. Que?)

Were I to be your Fairy Godmother, I would wave my wand so that all of your days would fall into the first camp, and precisely zero would fall into the second.

Alas, I do not have such a wand.

But I do have something that will do the same job.

Let me share my personal strategy for turning “bad days” into “surprisingly productive days that move my business forward.”

It’s deliciously easy to put into practice, and you can start doing it today.

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